Thursday, September 6

Chapter Five

Fauna eyelids lift only to slowly reveal the color of grape wine. The first thing she focuses on is the ceiling. A beautiful landscape had been painted in detail above the bed. It was so lifelike in every way. The brilliance of it was the waterfall and the forest on one side of the mountain, nearby the village. Which then lights up in flames, but its appearance returns to normal after a few hard blinks.  She rolls over onto her side only to realize Blazerine wasn’t there. Surpass the bed she sees her standing out on the balcony. She doesn’t recall if she actually had ever gotten into bed last night. Sitting up straight, she stretches her arms and legs out. Then the covers are pushed off to the side, exposing her nude body. The upper part is nearly covered by long violet hair that just stops right below her chest. Right beside the bed was a nightstand where her clothing could be found folded. Sitting beneath it was her boots. After she’s dressed she goes out onto the balcony to greet Blazerine. It was a beautiful morning to be out, the air felt damp, but it refreshes her.  From the way Blazerine looks it was apparent that she’s tired.

Fauna asked, “Sister Blazey why didn’t you get any rest?”

 “I would if I could…” Blazerine replied, still staring into the distance. Although she was beginning to wonder about the sudden new nick name she had been given. (Well it beats being called a bandit.)

 “I don’t understand.” Fauna responded before looking off towards the same direction as she.

Blazerine shrugged, reliving the whole chaotic night. All the tossing and turning Fauna constantly did kept disrupting her sleep. But most of all she had become what could only be describe as a kissy monster. The only time the movement stops when she settles an arm and leg around her side from behind. Then she unexpectedly slobbers wet kisses on the nape of her neck. Guess in all honesty it worked out because she would of have had to get up earlier to put her sunglasses on anyways. “Uh…I just have a difficult time sleeping; it’s nothing to worry about.”

A group of birds took to the sky in frenzy after being frightened by something down below.  From what Fauna could tell it wasn’t another animal or poachers hunting for a meal. It was a horse carriage passing on through. She leans further over the balcony’s railing until her feet came up off the ground. Blazerine quickly reaches out to grab a hold of her, but it was too late.

Blazerine immediately begins to panic while speaking her irrational thoughts out loud. “Oh no, what have I done? I let a mental person literally go off the ledge.” Swallowing her saliva hard, she stood there in place, trying to summon up enough courage to go look at the catastrophe. Approaching the railing, she looks down and sees Fauna floating in midair. (One of her abilities…?) “Fauna get back up here! Who knows what’ll happen if somebody sees you doing that!”

 Once she hovered back down to the earth, her appearance matched that of an angel descending from heaving or a goddess, her beauty and especially with that white gown of hers added further truth to it. When she finally lands down beside Blazerine, she asked, “What would happen if somebody had seen me?”

 Blazerine double checks to make sure nobody notices what just took place.  “I don’t know, that’s the problem, let’s just keep it a secret from people outside of our group, okay?” (It’s bad enough people will constantly be seeing her hair flipping through colors. Why didn’t Fenix buy her something that could temporary hide it? Then yet that would be rather dangerous…  If push comes to shove, I probably will have to keep her in one emotional stat in the other people’s presence.)

Fauna simply nods. But when Blazerine walks back inside, her long hair became a light tone of evergreen. A little grumble escapes from her lips while she traces a single finger across her golden collar. "It’s not fair, she’s able to hide her feelings and I cannot." she said to herself lost in thought.
Inside, Blazerine unexpectedly finds Leon standing nearby the baroque box at the foot of their bed. It seems rather suspicious because he chose to let himself in instead of actually knocking first. Arching an eyebrow she asked, “What are you doing…?”

“Oh, I came by to see how the two of you were holding up is all. I didn’t know whether or not if you’d be asleep, so I quietly just let myself in. “Leon apologies just in case if he might of have frightened her.

(Blazerine; This guy sure does lie a lot for being a church man and all.) As much as she felt annoyed by him, she played it off like everything was fine between them. Suddenly Fauna pushes pass her to ask Leon of Fenix whereabouts.  Once she learns of his location, she immediately takes off out the door.

 “You better go after her.” Leon said with a bit of a tiring yawn.

“Why do I have to?” Blazerine was slowly beginning to lose her cool composer.

“You’re in charge of her after all. It’s not like you have anything else better to do
anyways. I must take off myself; I have some matters to attend.” He patted his gauntlet against the top of her head and then left.

 (Blazerine; He’s so full of shit...)

Quintus lifts his head up and saw the Templar chatting it up with the locales at the market. He realizes he didn’t have any other choice. He ran straight over to him and caught up. “Please…” He gasped shortly out of breath. “I need your help; in return I’ll give you the sword.”

Leon curiosity has been grabbed. “What seems to be the problem?”

“Come we must speak in private.” Quintus sighs and leads him back to his shop. Arriving there he took a seat at table where it displays the various weapons he had gotten down already today for his customers. "You see, a noble's son came in today seeking expensive armor. I have a few of my own but none of them suited his tastes. He asked if there was any more, I told him that if he supplies me with jewels and metals I can make him one beyond repute. He told me no that he does not want to waste his own fortune on a piece of metal. What a brat..." Quintus spat. "Well, I told him that there was nothing I can do, but he scowled me and said if I don't make him one in three days worthy of a noble like him for the jousting competition he will use his father's power to close down the shop. I can't lose Gallet shop; it’s his lifelong dream. That's where I need you. If you go to the cavern and retrieve the ore I would give you what you asked for. But, I can't go there myself… You see there is a Monster there guarding the Armadyist Ore. Many travelers went into the cavern in the past and not many made it out and left empty handed. If you can slay the Monster and bring back the ore. I would be eternally grateful."
Leon stood there in silence before casting a glance over at Lyrist’s father sword. (I hope this is worth all the trouble.) He then requests to know the location of this cavern and what sort of monster is guarding the ore.

Back at the Ironclad Inn, Fenix settles his boots on the table in front of him while leaning back in his chair until it touches the wall from behind. Beside him was the pearly pink Fauna boasting about his strength and looks.  Across from them was Blazerine; who excuses herself after claiming she’s going to be sick over the conversation.  Half way back to her room, the bracelet crosses her mind.  Wondering if she should of have handed it over to Fenix temporarily.  In the middle of the hallway Lyrist is seen leaning against the wall just outside of his room.

Approaching closer she asks, “You’re still feeling bad over your father sword huh?”

Lyrist nods and simply responds with, “Of course, it’s the same as~ Leon and his father’s horse.”

“What do you mean by that?” Blazerine thought it was an odd thing to say since he was so willingly to depart with him.

“The steed could of have easily made the journey, but secretly he was worried about losing him.” Lyrist adjusts his hood to conceal himself from the drunken man who happens to be staggering on by.

 “So you lied… Seriously is that the only thing you people know?” Blazerine mutters out of irritation.

For a mere second Lyrist heard Leon’s voice from down stairs. He closes his eyes and said, “Shush, hold that thought.” Momentarily he focuses to eliminate the voices that aren’t familiar to him. His hearing bounces off from one person to the next until he reaches his final destination, the table which is surrounded by Leon, Fenix and Fauna. “Leon made a deal with the blacksmith’s apprentice for exchange of my father’s sword. He wants him to retrieve ore from Shimmering Peaks, in the mountain tops, where the grounds of a large creature den is being used as a mining facility.”

Blazerine places her hands onto her hips. “Okay you lost me at large creature. What kind of large creature are we talking about here exactly?”

Lyrist opens his eyes and looks directly at her while speaking. “He wouldn’t say.” Although he didn’t mention it, doesn’t mean he didn’t actually think of it. He knows if the others knew what kind of creature they would be facing, none of them would be willing to go.

Blazerine walks towards her room while saying, “Well that’s just great! I’ll be in my room, let me know when were about to off on our suicidal pilgrimage.” At the end of her sentence she slams the door shut behind her.

“That went a lot better than I thought it would…” Lyrist softly snickers.


The blond haired Fauna raced up the rocky slope located just south of the entrance to Ansell Fiore. She rounded a corner on the worn path and came to an abrupt halt when she saw a couple of men.  All of wore the exact same armor; a steel chainmail finished off with a chainmail coif for their heads. Black leather gauntlets with slightly cupped steel lames all around the cuffs and they are armed with either a spear or a sword.

Unfortunately the halt was more of a skid that sent her flying off the side of the path. Down the steeper part of the hill she went tumbling until reaching the bottom, landing flat on her rump, surrounded in a cloud of dirt. “My dress…” The tone of her hair grows incredibly dark. Then her body starts shooting off negative waves of pulsing black energy.

Peering over the side, Blazerine calls out to Fauna to see if she’s alright. But Leon grabs a hold of her by the arm and pulls her further back from the ledge. He didn’t want to risk her falling to the same fate. Although the gesture was nice, it mostly irritated her because he didn’t show any concern for Fauna. The only thing she said was, “I’m fine.”

Lyrist simply leaps down and swiftly lands in front of Fauna. He knelt down upon one knee and extends his hand out to her. It reminded her of a prince kneeling down in the presence of a princess. She buries her face into the cup of her hands because just the mere thought of it made her feel shy.  Lyrist wasn’t sure what to think when she vanishes completely out of his sight. He still knew she was there even though she’s not visible to the naked eye. The sound of her breathing was the dead giveaway.  Slowly he reaches further out to see if any psychical contact could still be made. He’s not sure what part of her body he had touched. However it did make a ripple through the scenery almost as if he had touched water itself. It was one of the most fascinating things he had ever encountered before.

(Lyrist; Astonishing she’s able to camouflage herself.)

Above the others were getting integrated by the three men which turned out to be fellow guards of Ansell Fiore. Leon wasn’t sure why they were out here instead of back where they were needed; to uphold justice and secure the town’s people’s safety. Two of the guards in the front crisscross their spears over one another to block their path. The others in the back were exchanging small chatter, but stopped the moment they saw the Leon; the Templar. His very presence was rather imitating for these inexperience fighters that don’t even know the true meaning of battle yet.

The first guard said, “Stat your business Templar.”
(My business..?) Leon concealed his laughter behind a smile. Luckily for him they couldn’t see it through that helmet of his.  “What authority do you have to question I; the Templar of Norman Church?”

The second guard stutters these words, “W-we have orders to not let any-any-body and I mean NOBODY pass beyond this point!”

Leon calmly replies, “You have no authority here, this is out of your district, but if you insist breaking the law. “Sheer panic erupts throughout their group when he reaches to unsheathe his sword.
The second guard cowardly begins to back up while pleading, “Hey-hey there’s no need for violence!” He was shaking like a leaf and barley has much of a grip of his spear.  It made the situation not only dangerous for them but also for his allies. The guards disburse the second he trips over his own feet.

The first guard turns to face his fellow comrades and yells, “You good for nothings should be ashamed of yourselves; allowing the enemy to know you’re afraid! How pathetic … Fortunately for you he is not our enemy.” Then he continues to speak while looking back at Leon. “Look Templar I might not know your reason for wanting to enter such a dangerous place like Shimmering Peaks. However there’s a young boy lost up in these mountains. We have a search party up ahead looking for him. We’ve been trying to prevent more family members from attempting to throw their lives away foolishly.”
Approaching not too far behind was Fauna and Lyrist who overhear the conversation.

“Throw their lives away foolishly? What kind of ill thinking is that? It’s their flesh and blood out there! If it was your family wouldn’t you do the same!? Instead of wasting your man power down here, you could be up there helping! Now stand aside!” Leon yelled, finally losing his temper altogether.

Unbeknownst to Fauna her hair turned into a pale -white color, while Leon continued to raise his voice in anger, as he spat a few words he realized he didn't hear himself, but he heard every little sound around him he wondered and suddenly realized that his voice was gone. Leon panicked for a moment wondering how he lost his voice, was it due to small a tantrum, some small creature or a bug...

The guards were awe struck at first when they saw that the woman's hair color changed but then fear began to seep into them. The idea of that she's a witch began to scare them due to tales and folk lore of this women who practice dark magic and seduce men for life essence. These tales were common around towns such as these. Then one of the guard stuttered out “She’s a w-witch!" which alarmed the others and then they ran in fear.
Leon looks behind him only to realize that her hair had actually change color. Opening his mouth to speak once more, but the words still wouldn’t come. Perhaps this was all of her doing? The most he could do is motion towards his gauntlet to signal Blazerine to use her bracelet. It didn’t take too long for her to figure out what he meant by it. The instance the white mystical veil of energy travels from the bracelet to Fauna’s collar. The tone of her hair remains the same colors expect it begins to radiate like a thousand of diamond fragments.

It looked lot different than when Blazerine had pressed the diamond last time; back at the sanctuary. What was the difference between now and then? Was it because she was unconscious? Or maybe the area was suppressing her powers? The effort of gaining control of Fauna was a waste in Leon’s opinion.  He knew the guards would surely return to the town and claimed that their associates or influence by her witchcraft. Most likely they would all be arrested and be trialed.

Lyrist requests for a handkerchief which Fauna kindly obliges and gives him hers then hands it over to him. Before they knew it, he leaps a beautiful jump that Blazerine thought would leave most professional athletes jealous. Lyrist knew he was going to have to be quick to catch up with the guards. He lands down even further than the previous spot he had been with Fauna. His eyes lit up with the thrill of a hunt; he had almost forgotten how it felt to play cat and mouse. Taking off into a sprint, it didn’t take him long at all to catch up with the guards. He kept his distance however by lying low against a ledge that was right above them. Luckily for him they were standing around momentary trying to recollect themselves. More importantly they were short of breath from the run. He fixated his eyes with a constant stare at his prey. His teeth began to chatter while emitting a strange rattling noise. One could say it sounds rather similar to a cat watching a bird from afar. The instinct was so overwhelming; it made his body tense up with anticipation. It took him awhile to overcome it long enough to calculate a strategy.  No matter what he decides it’s going to be risky since he is outnumbered.  He took a look around himself to see if there’s anything available in the area that’ll be useful. The most he could find was a couple of pebbles from the soil. When the idea struck him, he simply reaches out and pulls them closer to his body for easier access. Still clenching in his other hand was Fauna’s handkerchief. He felt slightly bad that he was going to ruin it but he had no other choice. He spreads the handkerchief out beside him before unsheathing his index finger nail. He uses it as a cutting tool to neatly cut the handkerchief into small decent size pieces. Now taking the pieces of cloth, he individual wraps the pebbles and secures them with a tight knot.  Afterwards he tugs out a small little vial that’s hidden in an inner pocket of his vest. From a closer examination it contains a green-yellowish sap inside.  Carefully he tilts the vial sideways to allow a little of the sap to flow out smoothly onto the bottom of each tied cloth piece. Once he’s finished he encloses the vial with the cork and secures it back in its rightful place. Slowly he grabs hold of a pebble by interlocking his digits solely around the knot. Patiently he waits for the right opportunity before making his first attempt.  The only visible skin was their faces; he was going to have to be accurate or else they surely will escape.

Down below, the guards were still terrified out of their gores. It took quite some time for them to even acknowledge one another. The only one who stood up to Leon broke the silence by asking, “Merek is everyone accounted for?”

Merek responds “Yeah, yah…” Then he continues further on after witnessing a fellow comrade vomit.
“Boris is a little shaken up though. You know how he gets when he’s scared. I don’t blame him… He has every damn right to be, don’t yah think Caleb?”

Caleb ignored his question by stating, “No more diddle dandling! We’ve got to- what the?” He was nearly in shock when Boris collapses face down into his own pile of puke. The turn of events made him raise a questioning eyebrow. “Is this normal behavior of his?”

Merek sighs, “This is the worst I’ve seen – “

Caleb wasn’t sure what to think or even how to react after he saw Merek get hit with some sort of small object. Whatever it was; it made him keel straight over.  The thought of an ambush was beginning to overwhelm his mind. He was going to have to abandon the others for now and return with reinforcements.  Making a run for it; although he didn’t actually make it too far when he was knocked down from a sudden impact. He found himself wrestling about with a hooded man. Punches were exchanged by both parties. However he had the upper hand when it comes to strength. The sixth blow sent the guy fumbling backwards until he falls into a sitting position. Shocking expressions were exchanged from both sides as soon as his hood dropped around his shoulders; revealing a long pair of ears. The startling discovery didn’t keep him occupied for too long.

Smiling he asked, “An elf wouldn't have been taken down so easily.You’re not the real deal, are you? You're one of those Sphynx Elves. HA, you’re unworthy to even stain my armor with your blood!” He took off both of his gauntlets, preparing to fight him on bare handed.

Lyrist didn't take the Sphynx comment very lightly. It's a degrading term that other elves have entitled them with. He was lying there in the dirt with a bloody nose that drips pass down his chin. There was discoloration around his right eye which is barely held open. Skin wasn’t the only thing that was damage here today; it was his pride. Quickly he scrambles over onto his hands and knees then begins to crawl toward the nearest pebble in a daze.

“That’s a feline for yah, always running away with their tail between their legs.” Caleb couldn’t help but laugh about how pathetic he truly was. It was quite apparent to him what he was trying to do. Casually he walks after him and steps over his hand when he was just about to grab a hold of an object.  He ends up taking it for himself and asks, “What’s so important about this?” From a closer examination he determines that there’s something beneath the fabric. Aggressively he removes it only to find nothing more but a mere ordinary pebble. “You made a fool of yourself over–“Those brown eyes of his scroll up into the back of his head before he collapses over onto his side.

Lazily Fenix drags two unconscious guards across the ground almost like they were a pair of carcass. Letting their bodies get mangled up and bash into anything he just happens to walk by. All the while he was chuckling himself over the shiner elf-boy had gotten.

“Fenix be careful or else you might wake him up.” Blazerine warns him.

“Don’t worry they’ll be out for a couple of days….” Lyrist pause in-between his sentence then said, “Maybe perhaps a week?”

“What do you mean by that?” Blazerine wonders if that’s even possible.

“I return to  the Mournful Moon Inn last night and I extracted quite a bit of sap from those sleepy lilies. I figure it would useful for Blazerine.” Lyrist tries to explain but he is interrupted.

Leon immediately stopped dead in his tracks and asked, “You were going to secretly drug her?”

Fenix butts in, “And then have your way with her?”
Blazerine blurts out, “W-w-what!?”

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Fenix thought out loud and was immediately slugged in the back by Blazerine.  She was nagging about how he should keep his voice down if he was going to say inappropriate things that involve other females around Fauna. It was just another lecture he had to endure; of how he’ll get them all killed because she thinks he’s her husband. For a second his sight surpasses Blazerine to look over at the orangey haired Fauna. She flocking around, trying to catch some butterflies. He’s surprised when Lyrist lends her hand by successfully catching one himself without doing it any harm. (Why is he trying so hard impress another man’s wife? Who does he think he is?)

Blazerine notices him looking elsewhere, “Hey are you listening to me?”
Fenix completely ignores her question and asks one of his own. “Where are we tossing these guys anyway?”
 That’s when he overhears Leon instructions about dumping them off behind some wild raspberry bushes. “Hear that woman? Now get out of the way!” He continues to drag them on once she moves aside.
(Blazerine; What’s with the attitude all of a suddenly? And also why is Lyrist so concern about me?)

Once the guards were hidden out of sight, they were tied up and gagged for safety measures. Just in case if one of them were possibly able to regain consciousness before their task is accomplished. Then they were off again to continue up the slopes of Damnation’s Peak.

Leon begins to wonder why they haven’t run into the search party yet. It was a relief to him but at the same time it wasn’t. Having to not deal with another run in of guards thinking Fauna is a witch. On the other hand it concerns him. Maybe something has happened to them? Nearing the outside of the musty cavern entrance, his hutches were realized when Lyrist mentions he could faintly hear screaming, followed by an intense growling. Leon wasn’t sure if this would be the best time to mention the monster is actually a ferocious dragon.

Lyrist shot him a bit of a glance but he didn’t utter a single syllable. Determination to get his father sword kept him silent. He was more than willing to do whatever it takes, including fighting an almighty foe. (Leon must of thought the others would of have bailed if they knew what we were going to be facing.)

Caustically they enter the cavern with their weapons drawn, a double edge board sword with a shield, a pick-axe and razor sharp nails. Of course Fenix was the one who carried an empty sack and a pick-axe. No doubtfully he’s the strongest of anyone in the group. So they were going to have to rely on him handling the ore. Blazerine and Fauna were the only ones who were literally empty handed. However Leon did make Blazerine to carry a lantern to light the way and forced her to wear Magnificent’s Cloak. Their lives might have to be all depended on Fauna in the end. This ensures she could hide safety and activate the bracelet.

Leon prays it doesn’t come down to that because this would be her first attempt in shape shifting. He did feel a bit stupid for not letting her have practice this before now. Although he was more worried than anything since he has only fought wyverns. They’re smaller grown dragons which are about the length of two horses horizontally lined up. From battle experience the most critical point of hitting a drake are the eyes. It renders them helpless since they solely rely on sight instead of sound. He can only hope the same goes for the bigger ones.

Deeper into the cavern they began to hear the growling Lyrist claimed to have heard earlier but there were no screams. Which could mean only one thing, they’re already dead.
“I know now not the best time to bring this up. Um, what kind of monster is this exactly?” Blazerine asked.

“It’s a- whoa! “ Leon is stunned by boulder size ores which radiate a certain aura but its cut to perfection. One might misjudge it for an extremely large dazzling diamond. He turns around to face Fenix.  “Get to work and be quick about it.” He was eager to get out of here because those growls were getting an awfully lot closer.

“Yah, yah I hear yah mate!”  Fenix annoyingly replies.  Then he aggressively shoves a sack into Lyrist arms and said, “Why don’t you make yourself useful elf-boy?”

(Blazerine; Technically shouldn’t he be calling him cat-boy?) She panicky flails her hands when Lyrist shot the whole don’t you dare kind of look. (Okay, okay, okay! I get it, I won’t say anything!)

Fenix extends his arms out once the head of the pick-axe is forward and down, so it’s most likely has a better chance of striking directly where he’s aiming. He tightly grips onto the wooden handle to prevent slippage. There were a couple of practice swings here and there to help loosen his arms up a bit. When he finally felt confident enough, he swung the head of the pick-axe from the height of his shoulder to effectively give himself enough force to collide the ore with some power. But all he managed to do was make a light chip. Angrily he raises the pick-axe directly over the top of his head before bringing it down onto the ore.
Lyrist closes his eyes the instance he heard the clash. Underneath those eyelids of his, he is overwhelmed by a sudden flash of mental images. Quote frankly he couldn’t tell where they were coming from at first since most of them were disoriented. Vivid pictures of blurry scenery of a cottage and farmland. The main thing he saw which came briefly into focus was a nest of large eggs. And right above was a pair of silted pale hues. Upon opening his eyes, he said, “There’s somebody inside of the dragon’s nest.”
“Dragon nest?” Blazerine repeated.
Fenix literally dropped the pick-axe, creating a loud thud which echoed throughout the cavern and shakily utters, “D-dragon..? You never said anything about a dragon Leo!”

“What the hell is a dragon? Is it one of those lizard things with wings that cyber-geeks go all crazy about?” Blazerine wonders out loud.

The vibrated orange haired Fauna squeals delightfully, “Dragons are almost cute as a piggy being roasted on an open fire! Can we keep him!? Can-can-can- we?” Nobody ever did answer her. Instead she’s only acknowledged by an oncoming of clueless faces. “W-what isn’t he?” She pointed behind them so they could take a look to pass judgment themselves. Once they turned around, their faces change into a mish match of emotions, which includes mostly fear and shock.

The dragon raised her head from the intruders. He growled then gave a loud roar that shook the very cavern itself. She rose, winged salvage and beautiful. Her scaly skin that glistens like onyx and cobalt jewels had scratches from the previous intruders that entered which he quickly dealt with in the past. As he the very little light the cavern had shined upon him and it was as if the drake itself was glowing and sparkling. Upon closer inspection the dragon did in fact had jewels embedded into him. What a beautiful creature it was but as every bit of beauty it was deadly. The dragon leaned in closer, exposing the saliva dripping hungrily from his mouth, ready for the next course.  And those pale intelligent eyes of her were locked right onto them.  Then she gave a final roar to signal the battle has begun.
Leon reacts quickly by throwing his shield right into the dragon face for a temporarily distraction. This gives them the opportunity to have a head start in the long run. However it doesn’t take much effort for Lyrist to outrun all of them. He was literally almost out of the cavern already.

Fenix snatches Fauna up into his right arm and took off while yelling, “Why didn’t you tell us it was a dragon? That’s very vital INFORMATION!”

Fauna was kicking and screaming, nearly on the verge of tears. She was whining about wanting to keep the dragon as a pet. During the struggle the lantern drops to the floor and shatters into igniting flames. There’s a possibility that Fenix might drop her at this rate if she kept this up for much longer.  When he asks for assistance, Blazerine swipes her finger across the bracelet to activate the diamond. The white mystical veil of energy travels from the bracelet to Fauna’s collar. The tone of her hair changes drastically from pale blue to a shimmering white which blossoms like a cluster of diamond fragments.
Barley Blazerine manages to gasp, “Fauna are you okay now?”

Fauna finally became still and said, “I’m calm as a cucumber being washed in a barrel of sea water.”

(Blazerine; Whatever that means…)
(Fenix; She’s more vulgar than I had thought!)

The dragon was gaining ground way and way too fast. There was no way the rest of them were going to get out of here so easily. Leon tells the others to keep moving.  Then he turns around fully and charges straight at the dragon head on. But the dragon made a massive roar when he saw the young male coming. He sank down a bit like a lion would do to any prey. She sways her neck toward one of Leon's legs. Once Leon realized it was too late, the dragon swiftly bit right above his left knee; where the chain mail still covered his legs. He cried out in pain as a fang or two deeply penetrated. In the deepest corner of his mind he was thankful to be wearing such armor for if he was not protected he wouldn’t have a leg at this very moment. He pushes back the intense pain from his leg. Instinctively he grabbed his sword and swung as hard as he could. The dragon's snout was cut, it wasn't a deep gash to kill it or heavily injure it.  However it was enough to make the beast roar along with swinging its head in minor pain. Using the momentum of the sway, Leon went with it. A loud crackling is heard by a large piece of chainmail being torn away, along with the surcoat. In the process it freed him, but it this was no time to let his guard down. This fight was far from over and the adrenaline only kept him from going limp. If he wanted to slay the beast and save his comrades, it would have to be quick because he’s losing too much blood. It won’t be long now before he collapses.
The others stopped at the very entrance of the cavern when they overheard Leon's agonizing echo. Fenix grabbed the back of Blazerine coat collar as soon as she turned around. It didn't take much effort to keep her from running back in.

Fenix pulls her further back and yells, “You’re just going to get yourself killed! That’s the last thing Leo would ever want!”

“But…we just can’t stand by and do nothing!” Blazerine exclaimed.

Lyrist commands them to stay outside of the cavern’s entrance; off to the side. The plan was for him to lure the dragon out so they can all move in and aid Leon. He took off in full stride, shortly enclosing in on the dragon and Leon. From one glance he could tell how severe Leon is injured by all the blood. Shakily he held a shield up to embrace himself from an oncoming of amber blue flames. Soon as they ceased, Lyrist leaps into the midair and screams, “Throw me your sword Leon!” With the very last ounce of his strength Leon manages to do so. Lyrist catches it by the hilt and raises it sky high above his head.  Slanting his ears back, he lets out a battle cry that seemed pretty similar to a cat trying to threaten off its larger enemies. Nearing the neck, he brought down the sword, allowing the steel to penetrate deep in between where the scales separate. His hand slip off the hilt, leaving the sword in place before he pushes off with his feet. Landing right down beside Leon's barley conscious body, slowly but surely pulls him up closer to the wall to ensure he wouldn’t get trampled to death. Above them, great, leather wings snapped franticly against the air out of dismay. It was now or never. Making a bold move, he steps directly out in front of the dragon path and hissed loudly as he could.  It was successful; he has gotten the dragon full attention. Furiously she charges straight at him, but he was quicker. It wasn't long until the two of them were outside of the cavern, running straight pass the others. Fenix sets the girls down and insist for them to go without him. As much as he hated elf-boy he still had the guts to help Leon. That made him damn okay in his book. Fauna refused to go without him and stood little ways from the entrance with Blazerine to watch Fenix. He charges at the dragon while letting out a guttural blood curdling scream of primal fury.  Up, up, up, he went, high into the air, trapped by those massive jaws. The dragon tossed him up like a seabird would of have done to a fish. Fauna thought it was like watching the world come to a sudden end. Lyrist didn't know if it was courageous of him or just stupidity.
Fenix fell through a dark tunnel then lands hard into what appears to be water, but wait no, it was way too warm, in fact it was scorching hot, it was burning his skin. He was blind and deaf, except for the sound of churning, along with a steady bass drum of a pounding heart. In the back of his mind a part of him was screaming that he needed air and he needed it fast. He was suffocating, clearly it wouldn't be too long until he passes out or in worst case scenario, dies.
The dragon took advantage of his unlimited sky. Flaring her wings, she rose up over the lands before suddenly snapping them against his smooth hide nose. Pointing down he plummets towards the ground, narrowing his wings to gain speed as she kept coming closer and closer to for her next victim, Lyrist.

Struck with shock, Fauna hair drains out to the color of a dark ugly grey. Raising her arms slowly, causing masses of moisture in the area to be lifted upwards into the atmosphere in mere seconds.  The air continues to rise until it reaches even warmer air and can rise no further. Separating her arms creates the air to be forced to spread out. The water droplets coalesce into larger and heavier droplets before freezing to become ice particles. As they began to melt, one by one they had fallen as rain.

Once Lyrist leaps out of the way, the dragon extends her wings to allow them to fill with air just in time before she crashes to the earth; instead she soars lowly and gracefully over the land at great speeds. It returns for a second round, becoming completely soaked by the rain.
 Fauna cups her hands tightly; a booming sound is produced by the expanding of rapid air, along with the path of an electrical discharge of lighting that strikes the sword stuck in the dragon’s neck. The metal of the sword was being used as a lightning rod to intensify the force. The embedded jewels absorbed in a resonating glimmer, to later reflect a spectrum of light across the land. It was quite a sight for not only them, but also for all the town folks of Ansell Fiore. Repeatedly the lighting struck until the dragon lets out her very last breath of fire then it fell down with a loud thud. Fauna soon collapses right after from over exerting herself.

Blazerine shrugged about Fenix's demise and said, "Somehow I'm not surprised."

"Blaze..." Lyrist manages to say once he's finally catches his breath.

"What? It's true! I'm just being modest. It was his fault; he didn't stick to the plan."

Blazerine shrugged again. It didn't even take longer than a few minutes before she started to feel bad about what had happened. What was going to happen to what is left of Fauna's mentality? But most of all how was Leon going to handle it? He's known the guy a lot longer than the rest of us.
Lyrist knew this wasn't the time to be mourning over Fenix's death. They need to act quickly or else he wouldn't be the only casualty. Who knows what kind of stat he's in right now?  Blazerine grabbed a hold of the lantern then the two of them were off into the cavern, leaving Fauna behind. Upon arriving on the scene the both of them are overshadowed by noises that could be only describe as eggs cracking. Further ahead, sharp bone snouts are starting to break out of the confinement of its egg that is the size of a medium boulder. They were desperately gnawing pieces of the shell away in hopes of escaping.

Lyrist turned to Blazerine and said, "Hurry take off his leggings and I'll hold him down."

"W-what?!" Blazerine asked. (That sounds like something Fenix would say!)

"His wound needs to be addressed before were able to move him. He's very fortunate to have gotten away with such a minor injury." Lyrist began to say but is interrupted.

"Minor injury?" Blazerine repeated before setting the lantern down nearby.

"If the dragon had bitten down any harder he would of have not only lost his leg, but he surely would of have died right on the spot." Lyrist explained before he pinned Leon to the wall to prevent him from thrashing around if needed to.

Leon kept falling in and out of consciousness over and over again. He kept flinching due to the pain growing worse after losing his battle adrenaline. "D-damn dragon..." He said once he felt a burning sensation not only from the wound, but also due to the metal fragments of chainmail lodged in there.

The more Blazerine hesitated the more irritated Lyrist was becoming. (Leon life is on the line and she's wasting time by blushing about.)

Blazerine struggled through the embarrassment of removing only the parts of chainmail that are loose around his lower regions. When she was done the two of them switch positions with one another.

Leon tried his beast to hold and to bear the pain so Lyrist could take out the fragments. Surprisingly they weren't hard since they were a different color than Red. Lyrist slowly and gently moved his fingers. Examining carefully making sure it was metal instead of flesh. When sure he would carefully pull free, trying not to make the pain worse as Leon began to sweat, focusing upon else where instead of the gruesome leg wound he bore.

Every so often he had to use his nails to dig out ones that were too embedded in flesh to get out by any other means of methods. During this time his ears were continuously twitching.  It sounded like a boy was being torn from limb to limb, followed by the screeching of eager hungry dragon hatchlings.

“Sounds like they’re enjoying their first meal of the day... “Blazerine nervously laughed.
 (They’ve to be small, right....? I mean they're newborns after all. Maybe we should-)

"Fauna isn't going to be any help to us right now." Lyrist eagerly worked on.

"W-what are we going to do then?" Blazerine broke out into nothing but sheer panic.

"I've got to get his wound closed at once, but I cannot do it unless I've removed all the metal pieces first. You're going to have to defend until I am done." Lyrist replied.

"M-me!? Are you serious? This is a joke right?" Blazerine nervously paces back and forth.

"There's no other choice I'm afraid... our lives are in your hands. It is up to you now Lady Blazerine." Lyrist left it there at that.

Blazerine didn't have anymore time to go over the situation because here they come. At first glance they appeared to be a bunch over grown lizards due to their lack of wings and scales. Quickly she grabs a hold of Leon sword and wields it. All she needs to do is defend them and buy them enough time for Lyrist to work on Leon's wound. Thoughts ran back and forth between her head, all her doubts, fear and sadness if she cannot succeed. But, she pushed it aside and began to remember the training of she had with Leon back in Abbey Fields. Closing her eyes momentarily she visualize Leon behind her, instructing her every move.

The beasts lunged at Blazerine having no fear for a woman with a blade. As instructed she stood then dodged at the right moment bringing her sword down to the beast cutting its head off.

Everything around Leon was silent until there was a familiar voice; it was Blazerine screaming out in a battle cry. Then a combination of two sounds, rough age leather being torn apart along with a noise that reminds him of a fresh melon, having something driven into it.  Slightly his eyes open long enough to catch small glimpse of dragon hatchling decapitated head roll on over. It stopped just inches away from his. He's surprised to see all the blood shed is being done by no one other than Blazerine herself.  Deep down inside he felt like a burden; If only my leg was well he thought.

Their animals instincts kicked in and few went to eat their fallen brother while the others lunged toward Blazerine. Disgusted by what happen was quickly replaced with confidence by her kill. She met the little devils on her battlefield and began to slash left and right getting the rythim of it, slashing each little beast as fast and swift as she could. One managed to leap at her ready to bite her face clean off but she reacted in time and managed to throw a punch at one, knocking it back then quickly stabbing it at the heart.
She was not through, she had a couple to go. With her last strength she continued to onslaught, she moved left and right with movements; swinging her blade like that of a dancer. One appeared in front of her, hissing like a cat protecting itself from a dog. She kicked it down and chopped it's head clean off while the remaining began to circle her. She was trapped now. What was she going to do now? Standing still, she stood there, trying to steady her breathing in order to concentrate in order to take the last stand.

Something inside of her had just snapped. Somehow it felt familiar, but whatever it was, it felt good, really good. As her rage grew so did her strength, if she could produce fire it would be coiling around her like a viper ready to strike its prey. Those little demons; so called baby dragons were circling her, but she didn't dare yet to move. Then as if time slowed down they all lunged themselves at her. She took the first swing at one cutting it clean in half then with heavy and fast strikes. She worked on the others as if time was finally backed in its rightful course. She slashed swiftly, left, right, back in angles as if her life depended with both of her hands wielding this steel. One two and three, she cut them down like flies, beheading, and torsos. One managed to bit her arm but it quickly met it's fate when she punched  then beheaded it. Finally it was over. There she stood bathed in the blood with a light wound on her arm, breathing heavily from the heated battle.
 An hour or two passes, perhaps more in the cavern filled by heavy breathing. Lyrist finally finishes up by tying his cloth; he used as bandana to hide his ears, around Leon's wound.  He told Leon the wound would have to be treated daily to prevent it from festering into an infection or else his leg might have to be amputated. The first thing to come to Leon's mind was the whereabouts the others. Lyrist thought it would be best if he were to handle it himself. He decides to ask Blazerine to go find a strong sturdy stick for Leon.

"There's no need, my sword, Blazerine." Leon slowly raises unsteady hand towards her.

 Blazerine didn't exactly want to exactly hand it back over, at least not yet. She was waiting for more, hoping to shed even more blood.

Once more he repeated, "Blazerine give me my sword."
"F-fine!" Blazerine grumbles while handing it over to him.

Leon slugged an arm around Lyrist shoulder and used his sword in the other as a walking stick.  Again he asked where the others were. Lyrist told him first of all told him the boy everybody was looking for is dead. Secondly Fauna was right outside of the cave resting after taking down the dragon. Lastly he paused briefly before he told him that Fenix was no longer with us.  At the very moment Leon had dropped his sword. His feet also involuntarily glued to the ground.
Leon hips swiveled so he could at least face Blazerine and yelled, "Tell me it is a lie!" His feet still refused to move from their cemented position.

Blazerine couldn't summon up enough courage to face him, so she looked away. "I'm sorry it’s true, F-Fenix is dead..."

"Take me to him, take me to his body!" Leon demands.

Lyrist and Blazerine exchanged looks with one another. The both of knew that there was no body for him to be taken to. Blazerine couldn't hardly bare to see Leon this way. His expression was a deep contorted of crippling fear. His eyes were widening with dilated pupils.

"I've always known this day would come. Fenix doing something stupid that would result to his own demise." Leon yelled. The muscles in his body were tightening up and his nostrils flair as he continued on, "That drunken selfish idiot!"

Blazerine wonders why he comes across angry instead of sad. To her he comes across like he wants to actually wring Fenix neck. (Maybe that's why he wanted to see his body. Oh I almost forgot!) She trailed back a bit to grab the lantern then hurried along to catch up with them. Looking back she notices the two of them stopped right at the entrance. She realizes that they were actually looking at something that turned out to be someone, somebody named Fenix. He was standing there drenched in blood from head to toe. Her jaw dropped open and her eyes widen like saucers.

The only thing that came out of Fenix mouth was, "What are ya'll staring at?"

You would think Leon would of have been overjoyed to see Fenix alive, but it was the complete opposite of his actions. Somehow he manages to punch him right in the center of his face. Blazerine didn't know what to think after he threw another then another. He just kept going, but for some reason Fenix took the blows but never complained once about it.

 The blonde Fauna awoken to witness the fight, "My love you're alive - wait why is Leon beating the shit out of him?"

"You know it’s bad when the mentally unstable questions somebody else's sanity." Blazerine sighs heavily.

In the end tears where shed on both sides and the both of them hugged it out. The others didn't understand what had just taken place nor think they ever fully will. Well at least when it comes to the relation between those two.

Shortly afterwards Fenix salvage what he could have from the Dragon. Any scale, hide, teeth or bone they could get was a complete necessity in order for them to have better armor for their next battle. Once that was done and over with, he made an effort to mine two sacks full of Armadyist Ore.
Back in the town of Ansell Fiore at the Ironclad Inn, Leon was left to rest in his room. It'll take at least three or four days for him to make a full recovery. The others didn't really mind having a few day of relaxation.
 First thing was first, Blazerine made them buy Fauna a white cloak to wear. She wasn't sure why nobody thought of getting her one in the first place. Considering what happen with the guards could have been easily avoided. Once that’s done and over with, Fenix talked with Quintus about hopefully getting some new armor and weapons forge for them. Each of them carried their share of what they could. The pieces where beautiful, glistening hides which still had jewels embedded, the skin was stronger than iron and the steel but lighter.  The teeth was as sharp as steel and just as light, might one even saw it could be sharper and lighter if forged in the right hands. Fenix carried the most of it; including the two sacks of Armadyist Ore.

When Quintus saw this he let out a a whistle and spoke, "Nice job! Never thought you two would come back alive let alone with parts of the beast. Hahaha! With this I can rip off all these damn nobles."

Fenix interpreted. "Well, our hard labor doesn't come cheap. We could have died I dem-" he was caught off by having Blazerine elbow him in the ribs as a signal to shut him up.

When she was about speak Quintus himself caught her off  "Of course, of course. Don't worry I'll make you the best armor and weapons from this beast. Hell, you'll come back a second time. Hahaha! But, of course the second time it ain't gonna be free."

Out of nowhere Fauna yells, "Boy you better give us the best deal possible! We freed the town from cannibals and now even a terrifying beast. Who knows what could have happened if we never came along!" Although her face couldn't be seen due to her long white hood. She bounced around with a lot of enthusiasm and spunk.

Quintus then examined each of the parts carefully while pondering what weapons or armors could be develop for each. "All right the ore is payment enough. Give me three days."

When Lyrist received his father sword he took straight off to check on the well being of guards. He hopes they don't wake up any time soon before their departure or else they might have a problem.

Downstairs of Ironclad Inn Fenix is seen sitting there surrounded by almost everybody in the tavern. Those who weren't had their ears pried wide open for Fenix's tale. Blazerine yanks Fauna hood over her head before it turns into an utter pink mesh of wub be dub.

"I jumped into the dragon mouth." Fenix began.

Fauna squeals, "Wow really!?"

In the background Blazerine mentions she doesn't recall him purposely jumping into the dragon mouth. "Wait a second she was there too..."
Fenix continues by saying, “I landed in a dark moist pit full of churning acids. When the burning of my skin heated up, I sat through it like a champ, Although It hurt... I waited as the sticky walls drew in closer and closer!"

"Then what happened!?" Fauna gasps.

"Oh man I think I need a drink." Blazerine said, although she doesn't remember ever having any sort of liquor after the accident. On many occasions Haven has made quite an effort to get her to gulp some down. (Blazerine is a popular brand of alcohol from where I come from. Perhaps maybe it would help me come to terms with who I was once. I don't think today is the day to actually find out though.)

Briefly the waitress stopped by long enough to place three mugs of apple cider on the table. They were a bit dumbfounded because none of them remember ordering any. The bartender called on over and cheers, "Free rounds for our heroes tonight!"

Fenix raised his mug thankfully back at the bartender before turning back to his comrades. He saw Blazerine staring idly at the beverages on the table. "What are waiting for? Apple cider is really good gal!" With that said, he gulp quite a bit of it down.

"Apple cider...?" Blazerine repeated.  (Is that some sort of apple juice?)

Fauna leaned right over the table and slurrped from her mug. It made Blazerine wonder why she just didn't pick it up instead of doing something so unnecessary. When she lifted her head, the hood tilted back enough for her lips to be seen. They curved up into a smile which made Blazerine the realization that she was trying to have fun.

"Why don't you have some? It's really GOOD!" Fauna exclaimed.

"Well...I-" Blazerine began to stand up but Fenix intervenes by pushing down on her shoulders to keep her there in place.

"I heard you made a mess out of ‘em draglins! I'm not gonna let you leave until you celebrate your first victory. You've finally proven yourself as a warrior now." The next thing to come out of Fenix mouth was, "Now drink up!"

Blazerine grips the mug tightly with both grasping hands then raises it to her mouth to take a sip. The small amount ends up being quite a mouthful thanks to Fenix. He had tilt the mug forward to force her to drink more than she intended to. Most of it ends up splashing all over her coat. Although she's not very fund of apples, she did acquire a taste for it and wanted more.

Round after round they drank expect Fauna who pulled out at the third one.  It literally almost shocked Fenix that a woman enjoy drinking as much as he did.  The only problem is that she could not handle liquor like he could. Considering he pretty much has been drinking since the cradle. She was shit plaster drunk, but it didn't faze her enough to quit. All the while she kept mumbling on about a bunch of nonsense.

By this time Fauna was having outbursts of giggle fits. She was enjoying herself too much by watching the drunken Blazerine. She kept talking with random pauses during her conversation. Almost as if she was trying to gather her thoughts.

Blazerine felt like she lost control of her tongue for a second and her brain just went utterly blank of everything. She was hiccupping here and there, followed by sluggish body movements. Unable to no longer keep her balance, she ends up leaning against Fenix. She through an arm around Fenix and asked, "Hey Haven you finally happy now?"

Fenix stares deeply into that flustering face of hers; eyes half closed with a slightly crooked mouth hanging half way open.  The name Haven ran through his mind, trying to determine if that's anybody they had actually come across.
 Questionably he repeats, "Haven?"

Blazerine gradually open her eyes a bit more in reaction of his response and said, "Haven, HAVEN! It's your entire fault... What did I do to deserve this? Tell me, TELL ME!" Her arm around Fenix neck tightens greatly.

"Oh great she's one of those type of drunks!" Fenix couldn't help but cringe helplessly.

"What type?" Fauna puzzled.

"An emotional wreck..." Fenix replies. However it’s not the only thing he said. Quietly he comments further on about how she's probably familiar with the terms. Luckily for him she didn't catch on.

"Hey, you're not Haven. You tried to trick me with your barbarian mumble jumbo, didn't yah? Wait- wait a second... I saw you naked! You're...f-first guy I seen naked! Can you believe that!? I sort of wish I saw Leon naked first or wait that elf guy! It's okay though you were like totally huge and everything. And I was like whoa!" Blazerine stutters.

"I knew it! Well since were on the topic and all. What else do you like about me?" Fenix flashes his whites. Upon the finishing of his statement, a single flame quickly swipes over the table, eating away at a thin layer of the wood. It perishes as fast as it had came, but it left its mark skewed in the wood. He knew it couldn't have been anyone other than Fauna.

"Fredrick...." Fauna kept staring intensely.
Fenix cowardly says, "I'm going to take Blazerine upstairs. Hopefully Leon will know what to do with her. So stay put, I'll be back."

"O-okay." Fauna quietly watches him walk away.

The two of them approach Leon's room. Blazerine let's go of Fenix after complaining about it being so hot. To his surprise she was starting to strip herself of clothing; by first removing her coat. As much as Fenix would enjoy this, Fauna scares him. Quickly he opens the door and pushes Blazerine right inside.

"Fenix…?" Leon awoke from dead sleep. He wasn't sure how to react to the sudden intrusion.

"She's your problem for now. I have bigger things to deal with." Fenix said before tossing Blazerine coat right beside where she had fallen. He left with the door slamming shut behind him.

Sprawled out on the floor, Blazerine finds herself being stared down by Leon from his bed. Tears began to swell into her eyes as she started crying out of no where.

"Blazerine…? What has gotten into you?" Leon is still clueless.

She never did bother standing up fully. She just crawls right on over into bed with him to just curl up against his left side. The tears wouldn't stop flowing as she spoke, "I'm sorry... I won't call you dad in front of your co-workers anymore."

From where she was Leon could smell the cider on her breath. It left him with the conclusion that she didn’t know that the apple cider had any alcohol in it. He pats her lightly on the back and says, "You silly girl."

"Y-you don't hate me?" Blazerine rubs at her eyes.

"No I think it would be very hard for someone to hate somebody like you." Leon responds. In this very moment he pulled her close into a comforting hug. He allows her to lay on top of him with her head lying just inches beneath his chin. Casually he pets the top of her head while she slowly drifts off to sleep.

"Your home life has been pretty tough for you, hasn’t it? You’re never willing to take off your armored head visor.” When he was about to remove it himself, Lyrist had leap down from the roof and came straight in through the balcony.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Lyrist intrudes.

"Why not…? I been meaning to ask what exactly is it that you two are hiding from me? You've gotten awfully close in a short period of time. And don't lie to me. I seen the way you are, sleeping together at night. She won't ever come near me unless... well she's like this." Leon mentions.

"I must say jealousy doesn't suit you very well. Lyrist turned the other cheek. He continues, "If you must know she is different than the rest of you humans."

"Different how, because she is a guardian?" Leon asked.

"When the time is right you will know. However I came here to inform you that I've personally moved the guards into the cave. There have been a lot of humans roaming the area lately. It must be because the dragon is no longer. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep them hidden without somebody discovering. You should only focus on recovery and not anything or 'anyone' else." By the way I do appreciate the kind gesture of you using Yeldir’s cloak.” Lyrist threw his hood over his head and left through the balcony.

Leon looks back down at Blazerine whom might as well been a helpless newborn resting in his arms.  A sigh escapes from his lips as he whisper, "What are you truly hiding?" Minutes passed until his attention was diverted by Fenix busting in through the door. He claimed that he couldn't find Fauna anywhere. "What do you mean you can't find her?"

"I told her to wait for me to come back, but when I did she wasn't there." Fenix replied.

Leon nearly loses his composer. "What did you do?"

"You mean what Blazerine did. She was all over me and Fauna got pissed as hell." Fenix explained.
"Let me guess you enjoyed it like the bastard you are, right? How many times do I have to repeat myself? When you're around Fauna you must behave at all costs. And do not try to blame this solely on Blazerine. You're the one who is really at fault here. This is a lot bigger problem than you could possible know. Fauna considers Blazerine is someone she has known beforehand and is dearly close with. I bet the only thing running through her mind is betrayal right now." Leon sighs before continuing on, “Does Lyrist know about this?”
Fenix shook his head, "No, it’ll be no use until were all capable of leaving without having the situation with the guards backfiring on us.”

"You really had to pick this day of all days to screw up. I'm in no condition to go after her, let alone fight. And on top of that she's going to have a three days head start." Leon threw his head back down against the bed out of dismay.

"Leo I'm sorry I know I messed up..." Fenix tried his best to apologize.

"Enough just get out, GET OUT." Leon completely lost his temper.

Fenix knew it was no use to say anything else and quietly left. There he stood in the middle of the hallway, feeling ashamed of himself. This time not even one drop of beer was going to pull him out of this slump.

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