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In the year 2125, an ex ruthless mercenary by the code name: Blazerine; is hired by an organization called Irving Corp. The unit specializes in mostly fighting technology-related crimes, occasionally hired to do odd jobs from stolen cargo to apprehend terrorism. Although Blazerine's, reputation is of the highest, she isn't qualified to fill the leadership role for the team. Past incidents of having no disregard for her teammates lives prevented her from advancing in the ranks.

The leader Haven who was an ex-cop discharged into what he considers too early of an retirement.  The crew endowed him with his nickname based on him providing them a Haven for their "special" abilities.  He specializes in negotiating political matters, but he finds himself trying to keep the headstrong members of his team in line. 

The second rank nicknamed Tabs for the very reason of gaining access to a bunch of private businesses employees for mercenary use.  He specializes in gaining unauthorized access to proprietary computer systems which almost cost him the rest of his life in prison for hacking into one of the government's senates computers.  Haven argued with the system by proclaiming he could be put to better use for his so called “talents.” 

Crowe, who is awkwardly named for pecking at people for their imperfections, is skilled in various light, medium, and heavy weaponry. He often struggles with the idea that he is inferior to Blazerine, “a woman.” Having the tendency of getting himself in trouble a lot by speaking about what's on his mind a little too freely. 

Kudos, the member who plays his cards fast because of his renown luck, his attribution is depended on the most. Trained in various branches of engineering from construction, and weaponry to machines.  Fellow comrades consider him to be one of the most luckiest bastards alive since most of his body consists of prosthetic limbs due to a freak accident from his youth. 

The last member is oddly nicknamed Cockroach due to his lack of size because he's the youngest member on board. Although he's picked on rather a lot for being “the little guy” of the group he's the best pilot the team has ever seen safely guiding the unit to destinations and back. 

The team has been on a case of a hacker by the alias of, The Ajana. He's the leader of an alleged religious cult called Servants. It is rumored the cult brain washes certain individuals by sending subliminal messages through online computer programs to convert unsuspecting victims. It is believed that one's influenced behavior can be appealed to the subconscious mind through words and images, encouraging the listener to steal or have the courage to believe in his or her power to accomplish their tasks. Those who become members of the cult, eventually commit suicide because the leader told them to. An extraterrestrial micro-organism remains is discovered in the victim's bodies. A microscopic parasite that gains entry through the respiratory system that eventually feeds off the host by accessing the blood stream, eventually budding offspring to attack the nervous system. There is a sign of evidence if the host isn't compatible enough to co-exist with the organism, the host more than likely would die during the process.

Haven thought the most efficient way to find the location of the leader is by having someone voluntary sit through one of the sessions, long enough for them trace the frequency. Waters that even the police force did not dare to trend. Without no question, Haven turned to Blazerine, but surprisingly she decline. Crowe was more than willing to fulfill the first assignment she refused to do. Not wanting to miss this opportunity it went through, ignoring the possible dangers that may occur. The procedure commenced, but when the frequencies became too dangerous, he wasn't pulled out in time. His sympathetic nerves became paralyzed and his mind completely went blank. Overwhelmed subconsciously by the subliminal messages. “Merge one's mind with an extraterrestrial life to reach heights previously unimagined by any human. Accelerated your evolution with an injection of ''spiritual growth.'' “No longer you'll have to look outside yourself for answers, nourishment, counselors, anything to solve problems or resolve issues.” Crowe fell submission to the frequency, becoming nothing but a mere mindless drone. Desperately seeking for spiritual growth from The Ajana. The team felt sympathy for him, expect Blazerine. She of course thought he finally got what he deserved. Haven said his sacrifice wouldn't be put to waste. The tracer linked back to an abandon transmission station. 

The unit is dispatched immediately to apprehend the leader. Tabs, stumbled across the file not too long ago. It contained information regarding the study of grid lines of the Earth’s time frame.  Determining our location in the universal clockwork. He expected there would have to be one main time frame. Which includes all and divinely ordained, because the universe is extremely orderly, in that everything has its time. There could be some time line branches that remain linked to the main. Some could branch off and run out energy to survive. It's a high possibility that people out there are choosing their own destiny and safely doing it without destroying the rest of the evolution for everyone else. It's a high possibility there are gird lines hidden within the main ones. However this technology isn't of our own, it is an ancient device created by Zhe'Kolhavan, an extraterrestrial race. The government has been misusing it to covert further develop in their scientific research on evolution. This Ajana is also misusing the grid lines for its own purposes of mind control. It vibrates a particular frequency which determines how we precede what is good or bad. He tried to pass the information back on to Haven at head quarters, but there was some sort of interference preventing him from doing so. Monitors throughout the facility came to life, displaying a picture of a hand with an eye located over its palm. “

"Lesser intelligence... a sub-form being... Surely, there is evidence of few percentages of advanced intelligence humans possibly can posses. Although on the other hand my research strongly suggests that humans are too irrational. Providing the errors and biases in human reasoning and decision process making. You aren't essentially good, or bad, but rather both aren't all good. Every single one of you has done something that wasn't exemplary, sometimes without even knowing. Whether or not you're really good or really bad, your “God” will always find it in his heart to forgive you. Such imperfect creatures, trapped mainly because of temptation. Imperfect creatures I've provided the only solution and you wish to take it away from them? The Zhe'Kolhavan will soon be coming to get back what is rightfully theirs."

Blazerine, wasn't sure what he meant by “rightfully theirs.” When asked, she was ignored and he kept continuing his long rant.

“Those who aren't worthy enough to survive the process of the spiritual growth cannot co-exist with them.” The digitized voice continued. 

"Tabs contact the Rust-bucket." (a nickname given to the airship due to its constant malfunctions and other difficulties.) “ Dammit! The broadcast is being streamed from several different locations. It'll be harder to pin point which ones is solely being used for transmission than the ones transferring. To simply put this, it’s a decoy.  The most I can do here is manually disabled the transmission myself... Roach, hello? Can you hear me?” A static interference interrupted the conversation. Tabs decided to proceed with disabling the transmission, but there was a distraction he couldn't ignore. Kudos deliberately rammed his prosthetic hand through Blazerine’s bio-hazard helmet. Immediately exposing her to the spiritual growth (S.G) pouring from the air vents.  Kudos proclaimed he didn’t have any control over his own body.  Squad-mate Cross immediately threatened to open fire if he continued his irrational behavior.. Tabs thought if damage is conflicted to his prosthetic limbs it could possibly immobilize him. After Blazerine was shoved aside, Cross fired several rounds in Kudo’s left leg. The bullets weren’t capable of penetrating through the metal far enough to stop his movement. Cross knew he had to make a choice between their lives or his.  Aligning his aim directly at Kudos head.  Right before he squeezed the trigger, Kudos pleaded for his life. Tabs watched in awed when his bio-hazard helmet shattered into pieces, followed by blood splatter. The sound of his body fumbling against the platforms echoed throughout the room. Immediately Tabs rushed to Blazerine’s side to check her vital signs. Staring for a brief moment only to notice her eyes were absorbing a black liquid. “Were heading back to the ship, there’s nothing we can do for her now.” He declared before cautiously backing away from her body.  

Two years later, Bulcsmas Corporation suffered tremendously without its former members. Those who either were long gone and dead or the ones who left simply because they thought Haven had gone senile. Only a few who believed in his conspiracies remained at his side. One for example; He claims to have evidence of police officials beginning to be corrupted by The Ajana cult itself. Most are barraging for their lives to be spar by handing over others in their place. The government with no doubt would be the next to fall if it hasn’t happened already. Speculating most branches of the government would escape to secret military colonies constructed in outer space. Protecting themselves while leaving everyone left behind  to be exposed to contamination. Can The Ajana really be compromise to reasoning? Especially when they too are nothing but pawns for a superior being.  Who's to say they won’t go after the colonies next? 

On Dec. 5th , Haven co-signed Blazerine’s release from a mental health facility.  He wasn’t able to even recognize her anymore, not only by appearance but even personality.  A once outraged individual, now is quiet, insecure and even shy. The tragic past that once define who she was, has been erased from existence by amnesia. He suspects it must have been one of the side effects from the spiritual growth. With a hand placed proudly upon her shoulder he said, “You may not remember your past, but those who know your name will never forget.”  Blazerine thought there must have been a reason he gotten her out.  Of course her hunches were correct once Haven started explaining his plans to construct an illegal time traveling device in order to stop The Ajana from retrieving spiritual growth.  She didn’t know what to believe, but she was willing to do anything to stay out of that hell hole.  Haven explained all she had to do is play the role of an mercenary. There wouldn’t be any circumstances that she would have to lift a finger to fight. The scrap dealers wouldn’t be stupid enough to even attempt to fight someone with such a reputation, especially from the rumors speculating around her disappearance. Most presumed she was dead and continued to prosper more productively with their crimes.

Over a short period, the device progressed quite nicely. During this time Blazerine and Haven developed a father and daughter relationship. He tried his best to help her cope with her sudden outbursts of rage. Whenever she is thrown into similar incidents from her past, it stimulates her once former self.  Haven thought it would be in their best interest if she were to revert back. Blazerine figured it would benefit the company more than it would her.  She already was concerned whether or not the feds would find out about his project. Most likely it was a matter of when they would. On top of that, she was concerned with (S.G), coursing through her veins. Shots became a daily ritual in order to help suppressed its manifestation until a cure can be developed. Each passing day, she thought “if” it can be achieved before it's too late.  Even if a cure is produced, there’s a high possibility that the damage which has already has been met may never be amended.

The temporal vortex reached completion on June 26th.  Although everything seemed in order, there were a few minor setbacks. Precisely there’s no way to determine a specific point where the time rifts would settle the person during the selected century. Leaving the chances of either having to wait several years for the event to take place or witnessed the aftermath. With all the odds against him, he proceeded with the test run. Blazerine thought he should take all the risks into consideration before attempting to use the so called contraption. Blazerine watched nearby while Haven tinkered around, making the very few last adjustments to his machine. Just moments briefly passed until the both of them were caught off by a sudden explosion of tear gas. Haven knew right away someone tipped off the feds their location. Blazerine accidentally bumped into the lever from behind. Through blurred vision, sparks flew through the air. Haven stumbled aimlessly into oncoming fire brought on by an ambushed. Words were exchanged, but everything heard sounded muffled out. It played out in front of Blazerine like a sequence being projected slower than normal speed. She attempted to reach out while calling out to Haven to take cover. Images rapidly sped up with no end in sight. Accelerating to the point where eye coordination could no longer sustained. Her body lifted off the ground and immediately lunged backwards. Launching into a rotatory movement of cosmic matter in the very center of the temporal vortex.

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