Tuesday, July 5


Hello everybody, its been awhile, hasn't it? I know a lot of people are wondering what is going on with the progress of my book. I have not quit, lol. I am still revising the chapters and I've also have worked ahead in the process. If you like what I had before, I am pretty sure you will be blown away with what I have done this time around. As soon as I get some more done I will post it. Also I am planning on posting with updates as well. I made sections on my site, so the home will act as a archive of what I have posted. And the chapter section will be an archive for my chapters. To be honest I have revised the chapters three times already, lol. I really have lacked in details with areas, the characters...  and the background stories. I am a bit happy with what I am doing this time around. I may twink a bit with the prologue later on though.

Hope everybody understands,


P.S Does anybody think I should change my blog layout? Any suggestions? 

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