Friday, July 15


Name: Blazerine
Nickname: The Bashful Bandit
Age: 25
Birth-date: ???
Eyes: Brown
Hair:  Long curly / Dark brown
Height: 5’0 
Race: Black/White
Expertise; ???
Personality: Aloof, cold, and terribly disinclined to present a good disposition of any kind, she does retain a benevolent nature. She's sensitive, sentient, and terribly delicate of heart. 

Despite her lack of kindness in a blunt, direct display. Though she rarely permits her guard to lower itself. When it is absent her real identity comes to light. She is an intelligent, loyal, protective, compassionate young woman in the presence of those whom she holds respect for, and that is when her true self is exposed; only then does she not harbor a mask to bare for her audience. Though it is scarcely shown, Blazerine's kindness is authentic, tender, and undeniable. 

But she is constantly battling with whom she once was and who she is right now. Only time will tell who she'll become.

Quote: My whole life is made of mistaken identities. 

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