Friday, July 15

Fenix Spencer

Name: Fenix Spencer
Nickname: The skirt-chaser
Age: 23
Birthdate: November 24th
Eyes: Green
Hair: Very long / Untamed / Black
Facial hair: Goatee
Height: 6'6
Expertise: Hunting and Stealing.

Personality: Fenix isn't exactly an easy person to get along with. He can be pushy and demanding at times while being unthoughtful and impatient with others. He's also a difficult person to please, well without offering him any liquor. 

Although he likes very few people and those, he does like, should consider themselves extremely lucky. He speaks his mind and does what he wants unless it offends Leon; who he feels in debt to for saving his life.   

Otherwise, he's straight forward and easy going, but still rather a conflicted individual. While he enjoys indulging in the sins of lust, gluttony and of course beer. He still always seems to be suspicious and nervous, not very trusting of others, especially pretty boys.

Half the time he's actually striving to feel accepted by other people, mostly after being exiled by the Templars.  Which this leaves him trying to prove him-self of how much better off he's been without them. 

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