Friday, July 15

Leon Shields

Name: Leon Shields
Nick name:  Leon dislikes nicknames
Age: 20
Birth-date: July 1st
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short shaggy/ Brown
Facial hair: Fuzz
Height: 6’0 
Race: White
Expertise; Strategy and religion.

Personality: Striving to both break free from his chains, but at the same time cage the beast inside. He's driven by age-old concepts of honor and bravery. Leon keeps a uniform expression most of the time. Only small movements on his face show how he feels. He usually doesn't like to talk and prefers to be alone, but he doesn't hate people. If someone approaches him, he won't push them away. 

In bad situations, he likes to have control over what's going on. Though he likes control, he tries to not be overbearing. He can be very critical of himself at times. Although his profession is based around interacting with people and requires uncommon empathy. He does enjoys the presence of others about as much as he does a face-full of broken glass (Which, he can say from experience, is not very fun at all).

He's also a critical thinker because of his self-contradiction, and in turn does his best to understand others perspectives. There are moments of utter madness, where his instincts overwhelm him, and he can be extremely hard to rationalize with until the desire is satiated.

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