Friday, July 15

Lyrist Wudslorrden

Name: Lyrist
Nickname: Elf-boy, Long ears.
Age: ???
Birth-date: ???
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long/ Blond/ Dreadlocks
Height: 6'1
Expertise; Agility 

Personality:  Within this carefree exterior, however, Lyrist hides a great deal of guilt and a heavy mental burden due to the fact he has abandon his bloodline as the next heir to the throne. And he's the last male of their kind. (In means to repopulate.) He decided to stop dwelling on the past; with whatever prestigious that most felines have against humans. Since most of them are superstitions. Thinking they're affiliated with evil because cats are nocturnal and roam at night. They believed cats are supernatural servants of witches or even sometimes witches themselves.

However, Lyrist is caught between three worlds, struggling to understand the different perspectives between human, elf and feline. Although he has the mindset that he's superior to most, but he only shows it occasionally. Sometimes bursting out in random bits of wisdom. He does also come across a bit awkward from time to time, due to the fact that he's actually a cat.

Often he feels like an outcast. He is rather quiet still, unless he is around Blazerine. In which case he can feel the need to be a bit more social. Since the two of them are facing similar circumstances.

But deep down inside, the vengeance is still raging on... desperately wanting to fulfill his father last wish. "Destroy the man who smells of death." 

Additional information (Taken from Chapter Two.) 
An ancient relic was discovered accidentally in a cavern by a small group of curious cats that turned all felines into Elves, the ones that weren't near it reverted back to normal. The ones that maintain their Elvish properties but have to sacrifice their own every so often to keep it. The ratio of male to female is low; low on the male, high on female so naturally they are a dying race. The race consists of violent; innocent, wise, and loyal types; believed to be from all different types of the cat family, such as lions, and tigers, as well as run of the mill cats, found in villages. How the missing critters didn't spark attention is still a mystery.

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