Saturday, November 12

Chapter Three

The person behind Blazerine was tall; yet again most people were big to her anyway. Screaming wasn’t going to help her now. The only thing she could do was fight back, but it was nearly impossible; with only one mobile arm. The empty sleeve of her trench coat flapped around furiously during her struggle. Forcefully her head was tilted back. The touch of his hand felt as soft as a newborn baby bottom. From long slender fingers his nails protruded to exactly four inches. The nails might as well have been claws since they were sharp enough to not only break the skin but possibly puncture. He was unlike anybody Blazerine had ever seen before. Thin, abnormally pale with a pair of ears which could of have been at least twelve inches in length. Every strand of his silky golden hair was wrapped neatly in a silver spiral wire. The main feature of his face was a long narrow nose with a pointy tipped end. 

Not only did his physical appearance seemed to differ from the others, so did his clothing. He wore a green hooded tunic, sewn with golden eyelets, lace with an embellished leather collar. Secured tightly upon his wrists were bracelets made from some sort of sturdy heavy leather. The lower part of his garments consisted of stretchy cotton velvet, which doubled as tights. She thought his pair of light tan moccasins looked similar to ballerina shoes. And the way he looked deep into her eyes with those large green alluring eyes of his. It almost seemed like his gaze could surpass the lenses of her sunglasses. A lock of hair fell against his face, but he made no effort to brush it aside as he continued to stare. (God, if only he wasn’t threatening my life. Besides the clothing I think I could fall for him.) That’s when she notices his left ear gave a slight twitch, similar to a cat being diverted or startled by a sudden noise. Redirecting his sight pass her; he spots two other humans approaching. Right away she realizes it's Fenix and Leon. Attempting to call out to them, but every word she spoke was muffled out by his hand.

“You sure Blazerine doesn’t know this fellow? He dresses like a girl and she’s dress like a man. Really what are the odds of that?” Fenix thought Blazerine would have been the only cross dresser he would ever encounter.

“It’s~ a green tunic; the hood allows~ perfect anonymity. Humans never did have a quality taste for attire…” The elf responded purely out of annoyance.

"Wow..." Fenix said; baffled by his response.

"You guys are talking about fashion!? When this guy could potentially kill me?! You guys really are a pair of fucking idiots!" Blazerine shout angrily at their small talk. Luckily enough for them only every other word could be made out.

The elf removed his hand to allow her to speak more freely and asked, “What sort of sorcery is this~? You all look like any other ordinary humans I’ve seen before. How are all of you capable of hearing my native tongue? It’s a silent language that cannot be heard by anyone outside of bloodline.” The only exception he knew about was Yeldir the Magnificent, due to one of his past lives.

Blazerine could of have pointed out that her sunglasses had a built in voice translator, which automatically allows communication to flow fluidly. Everything picked up by the audio is instantly translated into text and is replayed back by every single syllable in real time. Creating an illusion that the elf is actually speaking before them in the selected language of her choice; in this case English. However she did not feel this was the time for explanations.

Despite the fact Leon wasn’t aware of the language boundaries. It was a very important detail that Yeldir should have mentioned to them beforehand. Whoever he was, it didn’t matter to him. If it came down to a fight they had the advantage; it was two against one.

The elf studied the movements of the muscles in Leon's face to define the state of his emotion. The smell of excessive sweat was venting off his body. Listening very closely he could hear the rhythm of his heart pounding clear as day. This human before him was nervous, afraid even, but his face appears to be stern. Suspecting the human is trying to protect himself by using the opposite facial expression to mask how he truly feels. It was an interesting method although he could not be fooled by it.

“We do not mean any harm; we are only here to deliver Yeldir the Magnificent's potion to King Elfridh Wudslorrden.” Leon tries convincing him that his words were true by presenting Yeldir's handwritten letter.

The elf's pupils were wider in the dark, but in a narrow light, but a flash of lighting reaches his eyes and bounces back from the reflective layer behind his retina, giving any rod a shot at seeing the letter. Allowing him to see in a very dim light; but not total darkness. From what he saw, the signature wasn’t forged. Retracting his nails, he releases Blazerine and introduces himself. “My name is Lyrist, Prince of the Norwood Elves. My father has been expecting Yeldir's arrival ever since last spring. But I’m afraid I must receive the potion in his place, for he is no longer capable of moving.”

“What do you mean by that?” Leon asks.

“On rare occasions, very few humans stray into the Norwood Forest. Amongst the strays~ was a mysterious man who provoked my father interest with an ancient totem. The man proclaimed it could grant the ability to grow and shape plants to one heart’s~ content. All he asked in return is for his Erban sword; the wood is a hundred times stronger than any ordinary metal and its life expectancy is increased by an elf’s immortal spirit. One cannot harvest the tree before its time or else it will not be at its full potential. And the ability to see the world as my father sees it. Naturally we're capable of seeing in near darkness. Nor are we vulnerable to disease or phased by the effects~ of old age. Our bodies cannot decompose and we don’t require sleep, but some of us still choose to. But most of all we are quick on our feet and we are capable of picking up sounds too faint or too high for human ears to perceive. Although we cannot read minds, we can hear the thoughts of those nearby and sometimes even from long distances. Many thoughts at once can be very distracting; therefore I must block unnecessary transparent thoughts to focus on only certain individuals at a time. Usually mentioning what they’re currently thinking can lead them into revealing other things of course. Ah… I’m getting carried away.” Lyrist pauses momentarily.

(Fenix; He’s just bragging about himself.)

“I asked my father why he would do such a foolish thing; giving up the privilege of sight for a pathetic human. When the totem itself may not even do what this~ man proclaimed.

My father said, “Thou dost not need one’s eyes to see, when one can pretend not to see what they perceive.”

At first the totem did do what the man said it would do. The forest began to expand, prospering with life more than ever before. What he didn’t realize was that there is a price to be paid when using the totem. Portions of his body changed, but everyone thought they were enhancements, bringing him closer to being one with Mother Earth. Father wanted to expand the forest to an even greater length, clear to Dividing Cliff. He raised the totem above his head and suddenly cried out in agonizing pain. I could hear the sounds of his bones rearranging and crunching. There was blood everywhere…

“I’ve been deceived; find him, the human who smelt of death!” Those were my father’s last words before the sharp wooden spikes escaped his mouth, splinting into halves in order to silence him forever. What remained stiffened and hardened, like bark from a great red maple. His flesh fell like an empty shell beneath his trunk. There the roots consumed on his own flesh and blood, forced to feed upon till there’s nothing left. Indented in the bark is an outline of his face still bearing the painful terror of that very tragic day.” Lyrist shook the image out of his mind.

“Maybe you should consider using the potion on your father?” Blazerine paused for just a second to think before continuing. “I mean… isn’t there a possibility that it could revert him back?”

Leon shook his head at the mere thought of it. “Blazerine, it’s too much of a risk… The potion hasn’t even been tested on anything other than a plant. Who knows what kind of affect it could have on a human, let alone an elf.”

“Ever since the incident, I have not been granted to leave the forest and fulfill my father's request. Nor am I allowed to go to Dividing Cliff ever since the death trapper plants have gotten even more out of hand as of lately. Therefore I cannot escort you there myself. However I believe it would disrespectful if I did not give my mother a choice in this matter.” Lyrist hopes she’ll think along the same lines as Leon does. He adds, “Come, I shall introduce you to the queen at once, considering you’re the only ones who have been instructed how to use Yeldir's potion properly.”

“You’re kidding right? The guy pretty much was just like hey, here-“Blazerine swallowed the rest of her sentence when Leon softly elbowed her in the gut.

Fenix pulled Leon aside to exchange his thoughts quietly with him. “Leo, I don’t trust a fellow who dresses more feminine than any female I know. Expect Blaze, she’s…well, let’s not go into that right now, mate.”

“There's no need to criticize him just because his customs are different than ours.” Leon responds, disregarding his comments.

Blazerine notices Lyrist ears were frequently twitching; indicating the conversation was no longer private. (Now that I think about it if he’s able to hear thoughts. Does that mean he knows about– wait-oh-god, la, la, la la!) Panicky she grips both sides of her head while squealing out mix jumbles of sentences.

Lyrist studied the movements of her muscles in her face to define the state of her emotion. Usually he accurately interprets expressions between different species. However the somewhat prolonged shrill cry didn’t match with her involuntary expression. “Thinking comes naturally, there’s nothing you can hide from me.”

“What she’s all excited about? Her attempt to run away was a failure. YOU hear that woman!? You are a FAILURE!” Fenix deliberately raise his voice out of nowhere. Knowing sooner or later she would no doubtfully try ratting him out.

“WHAT, are you serious!? I didn’t try to run away, he-he made me go out there to collect wood!” Blazerine rationally stepped forth to plead her case, but she stops in midstride to cup her injured shoulder.

Leon approach Blazerine and looks her dead in the eyes. “I’m not messing around Blazerine; you’re not allowed to just wander off. You’ve done it twice now, back at the swamp, now here. If you take anymore detours you surely will regret it. So don’t tempt me any further, understood?”

Blazerine exchanges looks with Fenix before lowering her head down and sigh heavily. “Understood…”


Walking down the gentle foothill slopes of the Norwood Forest’s valleys, soon descending to the lower elevations, where only remnants of native vegetation remain upstream. Leon is fully equipped for the occasion to meet with the queen since Templars aren’t allowed to been seen out in public without it for public affairs. Lyrist ears were frequently flitching due to his displeasure of being caught in the rain.

By morning they reach a small secret tunnel, which had been mined out ages ago by Lyrist ancestors. It was sealed off by a solid block of stone; detailed with the inscriptions of his native tongue. No ordinary human could possibly be strong enough to move it. It left Fenix wondering how any of these puny elves could be capable of doing it themselves.

“We’ve been effectively sealed off from unwanted interference from the outside world, all thanks to Yeldir the Magnificent.” Lyrist places a single finger on a particular phrase of the scripture to active the entrance. Flashing right before their eyes is a white glow; spreading vertically through the very center of the stone, seperating into halves; which slowly began to shift apart to clear a path. A hint of light shone through the tunnel, the more they wandered closer into the light, the more it revealed. As the blinding light got closer, the light transformed into a beautiful world filled with nature and wooden structures. It was a city filled with nothing but natural resources. Blazerine became entranced by a cascading waterfall. The frothing white water fell carelessly over the cliff into a giant wooden, spinning, wheel, which collected water in the pond below. Three bare foot elves approached, diverting their attention. Each of them wore a dress sewn out of the finest sage green silk. The gold lace sleeves fitted quite tightly to upper and lower arm. The lower part was slashed at the elbow to reveal cotton chemise beneath. They seemed friendly, well too friendly in fact. The formal greeting was rather the oddest thing they’ve ever experience before. Their cheeks were licked from bottom to top. Although the tongues of the elves had bumps that felt rather rough like sandpaper.

(Fenix; I think I could get used to this.)

(Blazerine; They seem beyond their years compared to the humans of this era.)

Strangely there were was a massive population of only females amongst the place. Lyrist explained how it’s a very rare occurrence for a male elf to be born because they aren’t allow to mate frequently due to their long life span; to ensure they do not over populate. One male is achieved proximity every ten thousand years. All the while his eyes never seemed to wavier from Blazerine. Studying her closely, only to observe signs of fatigue. She was too busy watching the wheel spin to take notice, but Leon wasn’t.


A warmth swept over them upon entry of the queen's chamber. The structure of the wooden building had large fitted shutters, which could be opened to allow sunlight to stream in. There were tree stomps aligned in a half circle. Intended for the clan members to sit upon, although most of them were used as scratching posts. In each corner of the room there were padded cotton cots covered by golden brown velvet. In the middle of the room there were six elves lounging around. Although all of them wore the exact same clothing, the queen still stood out. Due to her wooden crown decorated in fresh green leaves.

“My son what is the purpose of bringing these filthy humans here?” Queen Wuslorrden spoke, but never bothered to lift her head. She seemed too occupied petting an elf that was napping right beside her.

“We are blessed to be in your graces, your highness...” Leon respectably greets the queen by bowing his head with his fist patted sideways against his chest.

During the bow the queen gives him her full attention. Although he looked sincere, she literally began to laugh out of nowhere. “You’re quite a noble lesser intelligence aren’t you? How very delightful…”

Lyrist interrupts the laughter by stating, “They’ve brought Yeldir the Magnificent's potion to stop the vicious plants on the other side of the forest. However there might be a possibility that the potion could also reverse the curse placed on Father. ”

(Leon; If her husband is unable to survive without devouring the flesh of others. How has she been able to prolong his life for this long?)

The queen responded accordingly to his thoughts. “Those who stray into my forest are given to my husband, whether they’re a threat to me or not.” Lyrist stood there in awe, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but she continued anyway. “It does not concern me. Since all of you selfish humans have sought out to destroy those who are smaller than you.”

“What would you do if folks discontinue coming to your forest? What would you propose doing then? Feed him your own kind, if that hasn't happened already.” Leon asks.

The queen repositions the back of her ears to be visible from the front, a posture halfway between being alert and defensive. “Yes if that is what it takes. Although my mate would detest sacrifices for his own sake, the clan is more than willing to sustain their king's life at any cost.”

Leon felt outraged to the point of not wanting to hold back any longer. “It looks like you have something in common with us filthy humans, a certain trait we call selfishness. And yet you act as though elves are superior to humans. When all of you have become nothing but pawns; to prevent changing back into what you consider a lesser intelligence. You’re no different; we are equals with both strengths and flaws!”

“We will not be insulted by the likes of you!” The queen hisses, signaling them to be ceased at once. “Throw them into the water hole until further notice!”

“Mother, please be reasonable!” Lyrist tries to persuade her irrational demands.

The once lounging elves were now arising to the occasion with unsheathing nails. Blazerine's sudden nervous laughter entices them even further. Drawing in closer and closer, just like a cat cornering its prey. Leon refused to retaliate; it would be too much of a risk with Blazerine's life due to her lack of fighting ability. Jeopardizing everything right now wasn’t an option. Failure was no such thing in his vocabulary. Fenix stood there quietly and did absolutely nothing; not daring to make a move without Leon’s consent. In the end Lyrist confiscated their weapons, along with Yeldir's potion. Then they were forcefully taken to a small cavity that has a natural depression within the ground’s surface, which can only be accessed by a rope ladder. It was an irregular small nook, enclosed by dank stone walls, and covered by an overgrowth of moss. The shafts of sunlight shine through the hole, descending vertically through the water and casting shadows across the walls. There was an echo of water dripping due to the small amounts collected from the network of cracks and fissures. Although there wasn’t much of an area to be walked, Fenix insisted pacing about. Knowing they wouldn’t be able to escape through the top without any outside assistance; he began punching at the wall, in the hope of creating an exit; not caring if he ended up hurting himself in the process. He was determined to leave this place by any means.

“Fenix settle down, you won’t even come close to leaving a dent.” Leon felt irritated by all the meaningless bashing. Although he was mostly surprised it didn’t wake Blazerine from her slumber. She was huddled up in one of the corners, with her face buried inside the collar of her trench coat. Leaning back against the wall, he continues on. “And besides we’ll be out of here soon. The prince thinks there’s a specific method to use Yeldir's potion.”

Fenix pauses only to ask, “What happens after we are no longer useful, Leo? What then, fertilizer?”

“I don’t always have an answer for everything…” Leon shrugs.

There weren’t any other words exchanged for quite a while until Fenix yelled out of nowhere. Blazerine immediately stood, trying to decipher whether or not they were in danger. Soon she realizes that they were in the same predicament as before. Right after she completely drops her head down only to release a sigh of relief. All the while Fenix was grinning widely while rubbing his hands together. His eyes were lit with nothing but pure excitement. Claiming how he had an ideal escape plan. Leon tries giving him the benefit of the doubt.

“If there are any elves nearby, I can persuade them with my muscles.” Fenix flexes his biceps before giving each one a pleasing kiss.

Blazerine didn’t bother to even lift her head. “Are you even trying to be serious, Spencer? Because I can honestly say that might be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. First of all they hate humans. Second, they aren’t--.”

Fenix cuts her off by saying, “Whatever, I don't care what a small tit gal like you thinks. My plan is as flawless as my looks. No imperfections here!” Fenix encourages his plan would be successful. He continued on, but Leon wasn’t buying it either.

(Blazerine; I bet Fenix is the type of guy who thinks anything less than double Ds would be considered small. I don’t think they’re that small, are they?)She looks directly down her blouse from the top of her coat collar. There wasn’t much to be seen from this angle since her breasts were too far apart to create cleavage. Unlucky for her, Leon notices what she was doing. However he cleverly hid his smile to prevent her from knowing he’s laughing.

Shortly all of their attention is diverted by a rope ladder unraveling into the waterhole. Looking down at them were the faces of many elves. Although their kind was beautiful, their eyes showed no remorse.


The queen along with a handful of elves escorted them to Dividing Cliff. It’s a border between Norwood Forest and Withering Heights; an icy region far down below. At the far ledge is a sixty foot tree, which looked ordinary from afar, but close – up shown otherwise. The expression on the tree is composed of knotholes and strange permutations of the bark. But what stood out the most was the disturbing imprint of the king’s face. Beneath his trunk were the bodies of many skinless elves. All that remain was the muscle tissue and the eyes. Fenix disgusted by the sight ended up vomiting right there on the spot. It wasn't so much the bodies that made Blazerine gag, but more so the wrenching stench of blood. Unable to pinch her nose since her arms were crisscrossed behind her back by rope. Despite of her shoulder being painfully angled differently, she felt more aggravated by the smell. Leon was the only one who had his wrists bound in the front to enable him to use Yeldir's potion. Slowly he made his way to the tree. The closer he got, the more he became aware of an unexplainable dark presence emitting off the bark. Half way there, he felt overwhelmed by a powerful sensation, which is now physically making him feel exhausted. What made him stop dead in his tracks wasn’t fear; it was Lyrist's voice.

He said, “Stay where you are, and don’t come any further! … Not only flesh and blood were absorbed here. Countless of souls are trapped inside the totem. They’re banding together to manipulate my father's ambitions for revenge. I believe they won’t stop until they've fully gotten their revenge on the clan. It didn't occur to me until now. The plants presence is nearly one in the same as the totem. Father is the one corrupting the poisonous plants, that’s why she forbids me from seeing him! If only I had known, I would have put an end to it already! But you wanted me to think there was an effort being made to stop the plants from killing everything off in the forest. Yeldir's potion wouldn't even matter… and you know it! The whole clan did except me!”

The queen yells, “You won’t stop me from reuniting with my -!” Roots suddenly burst up through the surface, impaling her stomach and completely out of her back. The roots retract back to the earth, leaving her befallen body behind.

Everybody began to panic, especially when the ground began to rumble. Right before their eyes, the tree was beginning to take on a new life of its own. It was creating a humanoid structure by splitting off its trunk into two halves; for legs. Stomping its trunk like legs and swinging its great limbs as arms. It moved forward, shuffling in a form of locomotion. All the other elves took off in fear, leaving Lyrist behind. Fortunately Leon made it out of there in the nick of time.

Fenix furiously grunts while clenching his hands ever so tightly. Flexing his muscles to loosen the ropes enough to yank his arms apart; breaking the rope in the process. When he heard the snap, he hurried to Leon and freed him of his.

Leon rushes on over to Blazerine and grabs ahold of her arm. He said “Let’s go!” while pulling her along. He felt bad that Lyrist's clan abandoned him at the most critical moment he needed help. But there was nothing he could do for him without the use of his sword.

“H-hey you guys forgot to untie me!” Blazerine voice trails off. Looking back she watches Lyrist jump down from above out of nowhere. Right after he avoids a set of out-lashing roots by performing an acrobatic stunt, by rolling his body forward in a complete revolution with his knees bent and his feet over his head. Still in motion, he positioned his free hand over his shoulder and pushed off the ground.

Hurling his curled up body through the air, he spun while extending out his legs at a right angle. The rear heels of his moccasins pressed down when he collided with a nearby tree. Then he sprung off in almost an instant and lands on the outer edges of a sprouting plant called the Death Trapper. The slightest touch would trigger its mouth to shut, but he’s too swift to be caught. In mid-jump, he reaches inside of his tunic and removes a hidden weapon. The steel of Fenix's dagger glinted in the moonlight. With a white knuckle grip on the hilt, he made an outstretched leap of fate. Holding his breath, wanting to close his eyes very badly, but he would need every advantage he could get. The dagger reels upon impacting the hard thickened bark. The steel did not break at first and left a deep gash. That’s when he heard what he feared the most, a snap, which informs him that Fenix's dagger had in fact broken. Pushing even further, he narrowly grabs the nearest branch on his way to the top. Looking back, he watches the hilt fall down below, knowing he was now on his own.


Blazerine thought an accidental misstep had sent her plummeting faced down. “What the f-” Realizing a pair of vines had wrapped themselves around both of her ankles. The harder she struggled, the tighter the hold became. Forcefully both ankles were brought together and she was drug backwards. Unable to grab a hold of anything due to her binds, she cried out Leon’s name. Knowing there isn’t anything she could do to possibly slow herself down.

Leon chases after her and screams at the top of his lungs. “Blaze, grab a hold of something!”

“Are you serious!? You suggest something I’m not capable of doing!” Blazerine felt angry at him, regardless of how dangerous the situation is.

Fenix took a hard fumble after his left foot was caught by a slithering root. Almost instantly he was lifted, suspended in midair, he bounced up and down; similar to a bungee cord. Repeatedly his face is bash against the dirt. He yelps “ow” every single time he made contact with the ground.


Carefully, Lyrist trailed cautiously along the limb while maintaining his balance. Approaching the head, he spotted a semi-enclosed cavity, beginning to be exposed by a breakage caused by a termite infestation. Repeatedly he kicked his foot to create a wider opening for him to slip in. Rushing in, he dove deep into the depths of the hollow passage. On his way down an eerie pulsating glow with the rhythm of a heartbeat lit the area up every passing second. Imprints of restless faces could be seen from the walls. The cries of many were echoing through his ears, wishing for his demise. He twists himself upright up for an easier landing. At this very moment he closed his eyes while inhaling a long deep breath. Slipping down, further and further until his body impacts with a pool of blood. Resurfacing for air, he immediately sees the totem dangling by roots in the middle of the cavity. Splashing his way through the blood, the voice of his father echoed through his mind. Extending his hand out to the totem, he was forcefully thrown back against the wall, knocked out cold. Shortly he regains consciousness after he felt himself stand involuntary. What was this…? Did somebody come to his rescue? Through blurred vision he witnesses a disembodied imagine of a spirit. What did it want from him? There was a comforting presence about it; a type of warmth and gentleness that one would think could bound a family together. This is when he felt a forceful expulsion of the stomach contents come bursting out of his mouth. Almost all of it was purely blood. Once his eyes had regained focus, the spirit dissipates from sight. There was no doubt in his mind that he had been recused by none other than his father. Pushing off the wall, he set out to finish what he knews had to be done. Moving further on, his hands latch around the hollow cylinder shaped totem. Tightening his grasp, bursts of cracks began spreading rapidly throughout its wood. Then it explodes between his hands, releasing everything bound inside in a huge flash of light. He felt himself beginning to drift sideways as the tree dropped underneath the force of gravity. Clashing into the depths of the ground below, the outer wall collapsed upon impact, where blood spills him out through the opening. He crawled on his hands and knees a bit further away from the opening. Gradually he climbed back to his feet and swipes his forehand across his face to enable his sight. There he stood covered in all the consequences of his mother actions. The line between what separates elfin kin and humans had been crossed just as Leon said. The only question that remained was where does he stand now? While pondering his ears gave a slight twitch. He redirects his focus immediately to the sound of movement, followed by a voice. It made his ears perk up instinctually and he leapt into the nearest tree. Crouching down upon the branch, he stared in the general direction of the noise. Watching carefully, he saw every blade of grass move, every single bug that had crawled across. Coming into his sight were the two humans. The female was being dragged by vines whilst the other chases after. Shifting on his haunches, he awaits to be aligned with her at the exact moment. Right before she could pass underneath the branch, he pounces right on top of her. However for this maneuver to be successful, he lands in a position where his butt was in her face. With his nails unsheathed, he swipes them across the vine, ending Blazerine's bumpy ride.

“W-what the-” Blazerine couldn’t really comprehend what had taken place since it happen so fast. Once Lyrist got off she said, “Thank god you have tights on…”

“My apologies…”Lyrist gradually pulls his ears back with a timed smile and wide pupils. After brushing off the embarrassment he asked, “Weren’t there three of you?”

“Oh you mean Fenix. Yeah he’s fine, just hanging around somewhere.” Leon snickered a bit.

“Lyrist you’re okay, right?” Blazerine wasn’t sure what to make of his clothes drenched in blood.

“Yes of course, but I’m afraid not so much for Fenix's dagger.” Lyrist took this opportunity to explain that he had secretly snatched the dagger, just in case there was something behind Leon's theory, and how it broke. He was very apologetic about taking something that wasn’t rightfully his in the first place.

“Think nothing of it; we should be grateful, you saved our lives. Believe me when I say this, I would have fought along your side after Blazerine was safe. But without my sword, I would get in the way.” Leon looks down till Lyrist softly bumps heads with him. He didn’t know what to make of it.

“You're more than willing to stand by me, a stranger, an elf in fact, unlike my clan…. You truly have changed my retrospect of humans. You've made me believe there is still hope for all of us.” Lyrist deliberately nuzzles his cheek into Leon’s.

Blazerine turns around completely and said, “These are the moments you need somebody like Fenix to interrupt.” She knew from outside perspective one would question Lyrist's sexuality. However his background would make you think otherwise with the whole situation of him being constantly surrounded by the opposite sex. Although on the other hand, the fact that he acts like a feline could be the reason behind his action. Maybe it's possibly some sort of display of affection?

The awkwardness lasted several minutes, but by the expression on Leon's face, you could tell it felt like eternity to him. It ended soon as Lyrist made a request to accompany them. He wanted to fulfill his father's last wish; to find the man who smelt of death. His cause seemed noble and yet still almost impossible. There wasn't exactly much for him to go off other than a distinctive foul odor. Blazerine brought up consequences of him leaving his clan. Even if his mother is dead, the clan would not be able to continue on without him since he’s the only male left now. Eventually with no one to sacrifice their lives, he would change back to his true form. Lyrist said he could simply return when he’s required to mate. Leon took this opportunity explain their situation about everything, including what Yeldir proclaimed about the sacred orbs and the prophecy.

Lyrist never gave his input about what he had heard, but it made him ponder a lot. (This~ prophecy, it being true or false… Why haven't any of you humans risen to the occasion before now?)

By the time they got back to Fenix he was quite furious about not only being left to hang around for a while, but the fact that Lyrist was going to be accompanying them on this journey. The excuses seemed unreasonable as of why it was a bad idea. He complained about how four is a crowd and of course he kept bringing up the fact that his dagger was stolen and broken by him. This led to the finger pointing about how he cannot be trusted along the same lines as Blazerine “the bandit.”

“Seriously…? Look Leon since you are obviously stuck on the whole bandit issue. How about you do all of us a favor and put our minds to rest by asking Gallet himself about the map. Is that so unreasonable? We're heading back that way anyway aren't we?” Blazerine asks.

Leon turns to Lyrist since he has no prior knowledge about how their group came to be. It was the only outside opinion that could possibly make a reasonable decision. The only response given was a small nod of approval on Blazerine's behalf. It took a lot of convincing to persuade Leon to look more into the matter since he was eager to get back to Yeldir.

Lyrist returned back home only to retrieve their belongings, along with Amor, his horse. No farewells were exchanged between him and his kin, nor did they plead for him to stay. He hopes the others will learn from his mother mistakes in due time.


It took several agonizing days to head back to Durham Village. To Blazerine it felt like a week without getting much sleep since she suffered from insomnia. With the addition of having somebody like Lyrist watching over her, it made the atmosphere during the night uncomfortable.

Oddly enough the uppity village actually seemed quiet, a little bit on the deserted side. There were some folks lurking about every now and then. Lyrist had disguised himself by wearing his hood out in public to hide the fact that he was an elf. No one seemed suspicious; only for the exception of his blood stain clothes which were drawing some attention. Nothing could be done about it. None of them had any gold to purchase him new attire. All the while Blazerine hid behind the group to mainly keep out of sight. Having the fear that something might happen again due to her previous incident. Although it was troublesome, she felt good having the chance to get the bandit title clear. Upon their arrival to the blacksmith shop, all of her confidence went plummeting out the door. Gallet was nowhere to be found, nor were his belongings. Every ware and every nook of his shop was completely barren. Blazerine couldn’t help but wonder if this was all some sort of cruel joke. Leon decides they should go ask about his whereabouts. In merely a splint second, Lyrist suggests that Fenix and Leon should go off ahead while the two of them stayed behind to investigate further. Blazerine thought it was odd since there’s truly nothing here which could be overlooked.

Lyrist spoke the moment the door shut behind Leon and Fenix. “Listen closely to the words I am about to say. I believe you’re unwilling to portray your true feelings. That itself is a heavy burden to be carrying upon your shoulders with such a difficult path you’re walking. It is important to have someone you can not only trust, but rely on. Even if you’re always surrounded by company, you will still be alone without it. ”

“Lyrist look, I was never approached by anyone nor have I gone through any of the Trials of Acceptance. I’m not really sure how I got the orb to in the first place. This is really a mystery to me, none of it makes sense. I don’t have the slightest clue how to speak to you on a level where you could comprehend how I’m not from your own time; I’m from somewhere else… A place where there are – how can I possibly go on about explaining what vehicles or aircrafts even are? What should I compare them to inferior objects from here, like those cart wheeled things I saw from before? All you need to know is that I’m unable to get back from where I come from. Instead of spending time figuring out how to, I've been caught up in all this bullshit with Leon blackmailing me over some stupid weapon! Once my name is clear, I am out of here!”

“Running away after the title has been removed is not going to solved anything. The decision is yours and yours alone to make. Whatever choice you choose, until then you do have my word, the word of a prince. I will not speak of this to the others.”

“But I’m not running away… I just don’t have much time left –“Blazerine voice trails off as soon as the door flew open, it was Leon and Fenix.

After the plague scare was over, most of the folks in the village left, but never came back. The village doctor recalls having a conversation with Gallet about setting off to a wealthier town called Ansell Fiore. There he was going to sell some sort of rare weapon he held in his possession. He reckons it would be enough to open a shop there and start a new life. Leon decides they will return to Yeldir to see if any new information has been discovered before they set out to Ansell Fiore.


The flight of Yeldir's stairs felt like it took even longer the second time around. However it would have been a breeze for Lyrist, but he endured the hardship to be polite. Although it did feel odd for him to be walking what he considers a human’s slow pace. Soon arriving at Yeldir's quarters, the four of them are greeted by Magnificent himself. He got straight down to business, not even bothering to ask why Lyrist was with them.

“It is rumored that one of the sacred orbs might be hidden in an underground sanctuary called the Cirque. It was once inhabited by the last known surviving group of self-claimed seers. Their leader, Brother Augustine, devoted his entire life to spiritual insight; after having a near death experience. This occurred after he attempted to take his own life. It’s because he felt guilty for spreading hay fever to his family, not a single one survived. Anyway… he claims to have met the prophet himself, Ignaxio Hermes. And he tells him, “Within the confines of this world, there is now only one individual who possess the ability to change the future. The story goes; once every ten thousand years, two Emotionalists are made in the favor of the Creator’s self-image. One male and one female are born to do the whim of the gods.

What are Emotionalists you may wonder? Emotionalists are born with the ability to develop unique abilities and elements, without any prior knowledge to the arts of magic. Depending on his or her state of emotion, these powers are manipulated by how emotional he or she becomes. They will temporarily gain an element which will represent their current mood. The Emotionalists' powers lie dormant unless something very traumatic happens in their life time that causes them to be unreleased. Otherwise, Lynn Crawford and Talon could have kept living ordinary lives without even knowing they’ve been destined with enormous power.

Lynn Crawford was a young woman who discovered her powers by literally growing green with envy. The man she cared about deeply had eyes for another. Unintentionally she manipulated the soil too the point of causing the woman to sink by collapsing the soil over on top of her. There she was left to suffocate to death.

Talon Aster, a carpenter; found himself in crisis from witnessing a crime. It was decided amongst the bandits that the only way to keep him from talking was by ending his life. He ran away, but eventually was cornered by a ledge. There was nowhere to turn to and one of the bandits charged to push him off. He closed his eyes the moment he felt terrified and his body became transparent. The man ram straight through him then falls to his doom.

The Creator beckons forth the Emotionalists to destroy civilizations that are deemed unworthy to continue their lives. However, Talon and Lynn were becoming too close for comfort during these times. Prophet Ignaxio Hermes forbid their acts of love with one another but they couldn’t deny each other’s feelings and gradually gave into passion. In result; a child was born, possessing a greater power beyond both of theirs combined. The sin they had committed would come back to haunt them one day. Not wanting anything to happen to their newborn daughter; Fauna. They had no other choice but to abandon her in Alabaster-stead.

It didn’t take long for the prophet to find out about what had happened. Prophet Ignaxio Hermes: “Disobedient Guardians… now the Emotionalists… I am disappointed; you two were so full of promise. Yet it’s been all thrown away for a moment of lust. You cannot be sparred, however I will do what I see is fit with the child.”

The two Emotionalists were killed, but the prophet allowed Fauna to live a normal life till her powers surfaced; otherwise she would be useless to him. Eventually she married a man name Fredrick Darrsion and had three children, Angeline, Garret and Mel. The day Fauna found Fredrick in the arms of another woman named Aurora was when hell broke loose. Filled with overwhelming rage, she completely burned the entire town down. She killed not only the residents, but also her own family in the process. Anger gradually turned into sadness after realizing what she had done. Alone now, she stood there in sorrow for many days, becoming emotionally numb.

Prophet Ignaxio Hermes received a message from the Creator, a vision which foresaw Fauna becoming powerful enough to overthrow the man who has come to destroy the seven seas and all the land. Since the prophet had trouble with the other two Emotionalists, it has decided to meddle with human affairs. Brother Augustine was told to find Fauna in Alabaster-stead then bring her back to Cirque sanctuary for training. Providing him with two items, The Collar of Truth. Its enchanted proponent is to indicate the emotional state of the wearer by changing their appearance. For example, when furious, the hair and eyes would shift into a red tone, which instinctively represents the element of fire. It cannot be removed by any means. However knowing the mental state of the emotionalist wouldn’t be enough. The collar came with a counterpart, a bracelet called The Bracelet of Falsity. This item particularly possesses a magical property which allows the wearer to select a set of emotions. It’s socket with jewels on the bracelet which represents various major emotions. Fear is a black onyx, Anger is a red ruby, Calm is a diamond, and sadness is a sapphire and so on forth… At any giving time, whenever one is pressed, the emotionalist will instantly be overwhelmed with that emotion.

Brother Augustine convinced others outside of the church to follow him. They were mostly those who no doubtfully were considered loony, or outcast from society. Preying on the weak minded seemed to be his motive for recruitment. He promised them a better life by becoming servants of God for redemption. This new set of believers followed him to Alabaster-stead. They found Fauna lying there, barelyy conscious. She was taken back all the way to the Cirque, located right below Dividing Cliff in the valley of Withering Heights.  There she would be held against her will… forced to endure conflicts to learn how to react to difficult situations with her emotions and powers. Brother Augustine said she could redeem herself by devoting herself to becoming nothing but a mere tool for the Creator himself. Fauna did not want to have any part of being a weapon. Why would she save a world that she herself cannot be a part of? For the longest of time she thought it was a punishment for destroying Alabaster-stead, but she knew it wasn’t intentionally her fault. Many times she tried to escape, but she never could get too far. The result was she ended up   spending most of her days locked up in the Suppression Chamber. This room temporarily disables the powers of anybody who is inside.

Sister Caitlyn, a servant of Brother Augustine, thought it was inhumane to do this to anyone. Taking pity on Fauna, she snuck into Augustine's room and stole the Bracelet of Falsity off his night stand. He was so full of himself that he did not believe one of his followers would ever be foolish enough betray him. Since Caitlyn served Fauna her meal three times a day, she decided to hide the bracelet with the next serving. It was found beneath a cloth, where several pieces of bread would have been instead. Fauna took this opportunity to escape once and for all. When the time arrived for the mediation session, was when she attempted to do so. But unfortunately someone had seen Caitlyn sneak into Augustine's room the night before. Standing before her was Caitlyn, who was going to be used as an example of what happens when someone crosses him. All the other members of the Cirque where there to witness Caitlyn's death, stabbed in the heart with a holy relic. Fauna couldn’t react fast enough to save her. Deeply saddened by the loss of the only person that had shown an ounce of kindness towards her. Her hair and eyes shift into a pale blue. Wanting to be true to herself, she did not want to mask her feelings. So she disregards using the bracelet. Quickly the whole area was soon engulfed by the tears shed. The colder her heart felt, the colder the water had become. Eventually the water turned into ice. I’ve heard the Emotionalist is still there; dormant, entrapped by her own frigid tears. No one has heard from the seers since the incident, I presumed they too are sealed as well. I believe once she awoken, the ice will melt… I advise you not to disturb the Emotionalist if we were to ever come across her. “Yeldir finishes explaining.

“Emotionalist, seems pretty typical yah know? A woman is an unpredictable creature. None of them can be trusted.” Fenix laughs and continues even after Blazerine shot him a dirty look.

“Although Withering Heights is desolate and dangerous~, it didn’t stop my father. He discovered a hidden passageway, through the icy regions, it was the underground sanctuary. ” Lyrist believes it’s possible that they too can find it.

Then he adds, “From this point on we're going to have to carry our own weight. The horses wouldn’t be able to make the journey accordingly. I suggest leaving them with Yeldir for the time being, it shouldn’t be too much of a burden.”

“We’re going to have to go all the way back now!? That would of have been great to know then instead of now! And without the only horse we had left!?” Fenix grumbles out of frustration.

“Hey we came back for another reason too though.” Blazerine reminds him.

“The dimwit has a point… Luckily for you I actually have already thought this through and I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule to come up with these.” Yeldir lifted a pair of silver earrings from one of the pockets of his robe. “At each end is a small clear crystal ball which only fills with mist during usage. One is a transmitter and the other is a receiver. If the weather is severe it might cause interference in the sound quality, which can make voices sound faint, however it shouldn’t be much of a problem for him.” Yeldir handed the earrings on over to Lyrist.

(Blazerine; Basically in other words it’s a deformed cellphone.)

Lyrist pushed a large portion of his dreadlocks behind his shoulder. Using the nail of his index finger, he grazes it across his ear lope, purposely inflicting a wound upon himself to allow easier passing for the earring. Once it’s jammed through, he continued to the next. Blazerine watched curiously since she has never seen anybody pierce their ears in that sort of fashion before.

Leon thanked Yeldir and told him he’ll be hearing from them shortly. With that being said, they found themselves standing outside of the tower in nearly a blink of an eye. This is when Lyrist gave Amor a warm, loving goodbye and told him to be good while he’s gone assuring him he would return back as quickly as possible.

Fenix still had a sore thumb about all of this. And he was more than willingly to let everybody know what’s on his mind. “Leon where exactly do you think he’s getting this information from anyway? Are you sure his credibility is even reliable? The old geezer makes us walk all the way to Norwood then we come all the way back when he’s capable of teleportation.”

(Blazerine; Well at least I’m not the only one who thought of that.)

“Perhaps it’s~ a limited ability?” Lyrist suggests. It’s honestly the only explanation he could come up with at the moment. Thinking a little more on the matter, he wonders if Yeldir's past lives could possibly be the key behind most of his knowledge.

Fenix found himself laughing because whenever Lyrist talks spoke some of his words had come across like a cat hissing. Leon and Blazerine weren’t sure why he was amused all of a suddenly, but Lyrist on the other hand knew.

“We're heading to Ansell Fiore, right?” Blazerine wanted to make sure it was their main and only objective.

Leon almost held his tongue before he spoke. “Withering Heights is a town or two before Ansell Fiore. We might as well stop there along the way.” It was a lie, well a small fib. Ansell Fiore was completely in the opposite direction.

“Yeah whatever…” Blazerine looked off to the side.


The trip back had its up and downs, from Lyrist trying to cuddle with everybody during their slumber. The incident made Blazerine believe he was homesick. Although his clan did betray him; he still was accustomed to their way of living. It made her feel even sorrier for him. She allowed him to stay close to her during the night. In particular she didn’t exactly feel comfortable about it at first. Awkward as it seemed, there were some benefits such as extra warmth. And most of the time they would stay up together talking about her world and other things. In the back of her mind she wonders if he would ever be able to adjust to the humans' way of living. ( Don’t get me wrong, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being a little different. The thing is a lot of other people don’t really think along the same lines as I do. Of all people I think I would know what it’s like to be an outsider. Nearly half of my life I’ve participated in this role. Deep down inside I have a feeling he’s going to be on the same path as I. For his sake, I hope he doesn’t end up the same way.)

The arguments were still erupting between Blazerine and Fenix. Occasionally he would say crude comments and question Lyrist's sexual preferences. Leon also would get angry whenever he made a reminder of how he has to return his headmaster's blade. But Leon didn’t seem to worry about it, not really at all. He came across in a light as if it were already rightfully his.

At Dividing Cliff, it began to rain heavily and Fenix took advantage of it by beginning to remove all of his clothes. At the first glance of Fenix, Lyrist presumed it must of have been a human custom to bare your necessities in the rain until he saw Blazerine's reaction.

“Fenix; what the hell man?” Blazerine quickly turns around before she ends up seeing something she might regret.

“Every woman who has laid their eyes upon me has been impressed by my handsome physique.” Fenix having no shame, swipes a handkerchief underneath one of his hairy armpits.

“Yeah, well… maybe they do, but I don’t. I’ve seen enough already.” Blazerine tried to erase the mental image. While he rambles on, she thought it was actually a much needed shower. He hasn’t exactly smelled very pleasant for the last few days.

At this very instant Fenix recalls what had taken place between the two of them. He bursts out laughing while washing the opposite armpit next. “You think you’ll be all goggle-eyed at me after going out of your way to touch me there.”

“What- what do you mean by that!? You don’t mean- do you? When would I ever do that?” Blazerine is pretty sure she would remember doing anything vulgar. And why in the world would she do such an act with anybody, let alone Fenix.

“You crawled into my lap back at Yeldir’s place. Trying to get a peek at my- “ Fenix couldn’t finish his sentence because Blazerine cut him off by screaming out of distress, explaining how she fell into his lap. But he was quick to say that’s not how he remembers it. While the bickering went back and forth, Lyrist and Leon stood there watching. Fenix only seemed concern about Lyrist looking at him naked. “What are you, some sort of vulgar prince? I thought you would be more proper than that Elf-boy.” Awkwardly he scrubs at his genitals.

“Such a hypocrite…” Leon shook his head.

Once Fenix was done displaying a public washing, Lyrist guides them through a safer alternative around the ledge to Withering Heights. Blazerine thought it was better than foolishly trying to climb straight down it. Nearing the bottom, their faces were hit with a sudden cold breeze. Slowly they approach the eerie frozen forest. It was still inhabitanted by its former residents even through death. Birds still perched upon their branches and some were still inside their nests. But just for shits and giggles, Fenix threw a pebble and beheaded one of the birds. He found it amusing enough to do it several more times. Leon was outraged by his actions, but Fenix was quick to mention that cats eat birds. Lyrist thought it was still a rather savage method in means to entertain oneself. Regardless of this statement, he calmly tries to explain to Fenix how he’s desecrating their bodies, which might disrupt them from passing safely through the astral planes. Fenix took the lecture as more of a scowling than anything else.

One hour of searching passes then another and so forth. At this rate it didn’t look like they were going to be able to find it. As soon as they were about to give up, Fenix was the first one to stumble upon it, literally. Let’s just say he had stepped in the right direction when his foot collapsed into a hole, which had been hidden by moss almost like a curtain. Unsure of how deep it was, Leon instantly grabs a hold of him to prevent him from falling. Upon closer examination it wasn’t much of a drop to be concerned about getting any severe injuries.

“Wait a moment.” Lyrist said without hesitation and dives straight down into the hole. Looming into his sights was a pair of lines enchanted by runes. One glows white and the other blue. He knew they must of have been some sort of direction system left by the seers. It led him to believe that only one color would be the true path. The other would most likely lead you to misfortune. It was odd for the choices to be so obvious. Give or take, it was a fifty percent chance of picking the right color, unless both colors were actually false. And there’s a third line somewhere hidden from the average eye. Landing down on all fours then returning to his feet. “Easy, a little too easy…” Looking further on, he realizes there are a series of tunnels. The thing about it, none of this area had any ice, but why did the surface? Perhaps the runes may possibly be warding off the ice. Looking back up to his companions he says, “The Cirque has perfected a labyrinth to keep the outsiders from getting in. I will go first to determine the traps.” Beginning to make his way down the corridor, he heard the others jump down. First Fenix then followed by Leon, who catches Blazerine on her turn. Half way down the corridor, Lyrist notices the wall had given way with just the slightest touch of his fingertips. It must have been some sort of contraption that can be only activated on the outside. He pushes a little more to create a crack in order to see if his hunch was correct. The sight of a single skeleton was enough of an answer for him. “Starvation… is such a dishonorable way to die.” Looking back he calls out, “Avoid making contact with the walls at all costs.”

Leon unties a set of lit lanterns that are strapped down on the back of Fenix’s equipment, although half of what he carries is also his. He hands one over to Fenix and kept one for himself. “Alright you heard him.”

“I’ve stolen plenty of things to know a thing or two about traps.” Fenix thought Lyrist was blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

“Somehow I don’t believe that…” Blazerine blurts out loud.

“I see how it is.” Fenix wasn’t going to stand for this any longer. Forcing his way pass everyone, he walks off ahead.

“Fenix c’mon I was just kidding – well sort of.” Blazerine hopes her comment wouldn’t result in him getting himself killed by doing something drastically stupid. Leon settled his hand to rest upon her shoulder momentarily to whisper you weren’t kidding. “Yeah you’re right…”

Leon told them to stay put so he could go after Fenix and talk some sense into him alone; passing the corner only to realize Fenix was no longer within his sight. There was no sign of him, nor could the glow of his lantern be found. At this point Leon knew it would be arrogant to stray from the others. As soon as he turned around his face smacks dead center into a dead end. Surely it wasn’t there before. “How can this be?” And there’s no possible way he miscalculated his steps. It was only a short distance. He sets the lantern aside before attempting to hurl his body against the wall. Then he tries ramming his shoulder once or twice, but it was no use. It was too solid to be moved by force' leaving him to question how it even got there in the first place. Bashing his fists against the wall he yells, “Hey can you hear me!?” It was apparent that he’s now going to be on his own. Hoping the others could survive without him. Blazerine should be safe since she could rely on Lyrist. Fenix on the other hand has no one to pull him out of harm’s way. For all he knew, Fenix could be walking straight into a heap of trouble.

Lyrist twitches his ear slightly, trying to pinpoint the others by channeling their thoughts. But to no avail, he was unable to receive a single one. Nor did he sense any vibrations made by the movement of feet. “I cannot determine their location.”

“That’s not good, considering they have everything with them.” Blazerine really couldn't see without the light that was provided by the lanterns.

“Ssh…” Lyrist listens carefully once more until he hears the sounds of a mechanism rotating its gears. He’s unsure if it was being triggered by something or it may be a cycle. If that is the case, there’s really no way to tell how long it’ll last or when it’ll begin again. Perhaps the exit may only show itself for a little amount of time. “The walls are constantly changing their path… We cannot solely rely on finding the others.”

“What? We’re going to leave without them? What if they can never find a way out?” Blazerine didn’t think it would be the right thing to do.

Turning around he faced Blazerine and took her hand into his. “Don’t be alarmed, it’s~ only me. Stay close to me, alright?” If the runes were a tad bit darker he too wouldn’t be able to see. He guides her down the corridor until he notices a large suspicious slit in the next section of the wall. It was big enough for him to believe the possibility of a projectile object. Lowering his eyes, he sees a bronze plated floor, which is divided into different panels. A small space could be seen in between each one. Planting one foot was a sufficient amount of weight to activate a gigantic crescent blade. In one striving swoop, it swung out in his path. He’s able to avoid it due to having quick reflexes by leaning back to avoid being slice.

“W-what was that?” Blazerine looks aimlessly around in the dark.

“A slight minor setback is~ all. Nothing we can't overcome.” Lyrist swept Blazerine right off her feet. He stood there, holding her securely inside of his arms.

“Lyrist, w-what are you doing?” Blazerine was beginning to think everyone is taking advantage of her being short.

Lyrist turns back around to face the traps that lie ahead of them. Suddenly he leaps forward, landing in the first itty bitty space in-between the pressure plates. His balance wasn't at its peak due to the extra weight he was now carrying. He kept at a reasonable pace to avoid his body from completely giving way from swaying back and forth. If he didn’t the result would not only be the end for him, but also her. Eventually he manages to say, “This~ would be a lot easier if you weren't so heavy.”

“My word of advice is you should never call a female heavy or anything relevant to that word. Most, if not all of them will find it very offensive.” Blazerine thinks women of this time might not be so different than the ones in hers.

Lyrist thought this wasn’t the greatest time for her to be mentioning this, especially when he’s trying to focus on getting across the obstacle. But then again it wasn’t her fault since he wasn’t letting her know how serious of a predicament that they were now facing.. “I’ll try to remember that…” He only pays half attention to what she actually said. There was only one space left to go at this point, but he already felt too worn out. The muscles throughout his body were fidgeting greatly, nearly breaching his limits. Beads of sweat twinkled down his forehead then eventually reach his eyes. Desperately he blinks several times to help relieve them of irritation. Finally attempting the last jump, he took a hard stumble. In the process he loses his grip of Blazerine, causing her to sprawl out along the floor. That’s when he heard the click of the bronze plated panel activate. A swoosh of air blew right pass the front of his face. In mere seconds all he could see was a gigantic spiral axe shot out of its slit. Plenty of Blazerine's hair scatters into the air after the axe clashes to the floor. It was enough for him to draw the conclusion that she had been scalped.
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