Monday, December 19

Update 12/19/2011

The elves background story has been change. I'll post it below so you do not have to look back to find it.

An ancient relic was discovered accidently in a cavern by a small group of curious cats that turned all felines into Elves, the ones that weren't near it reverted back to normal. The ones that were maintain their Elvish properties, but have to sacrifice their own every so often to keep it. The ratio of male to female is low; low on male, high on female so naturally they are a dying race. The race consists of violent; innocent, wise, and loyal types, said to be believed from all different types of the cat family, such as lions, and tigers, as well as run of the mill cats found in villages. How the missing critters didn't spark attention is still a mystery.

Also the new layout still isn't done. Might take a bit longer for it to be complete.

- Tiff
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