Wednesday, December 26


Name: Fauna
Nickname: ???
Age: 16
Birthdate: March 21st
Eyes: Color depends on the mood.
Hair: Long straight/ Color depends on the mood.
Height: 5'9 
Race: White
Expertise; ???

Personality:  Looks can be deceiving and girl, are you ever... Fauna...has problems. She is well, let's just nicely put it like this, she's fucking insane.  Sometimes she is a bubbly, cute and a curious girl. Who loves to meet new people and is very friendly towards almost everyone. Then other times she's one hell of a fire cracker. She is hyped up and out of control when it comes down to fighting.  Most of her thoughts that pass in her mind are considered to be necessary evils, which create emotions and her emotions are a danger to opposing enemies and any innocent bystanders.

She can’t remember anything about her past; with the exception of a few glimpses of what she thinks are memories or they could be twisted fabrications of her deranged mind. Only time will tell... 

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