Wednesday, December 26

Yeldir The Magnificent

(Still working on it...)

Name: Yeldir The Magnificent
Nickname: Old geezer, old man
Age: ???
Birth-date: ???
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Bald - except the patches of hair he hasn't ripped out yet.
Facial hair: a Long grey beard
Height: 5'9 
Race: White
Expertise; Magic and Wisdom

Personality: He lives in a modern day with his past lives overwhelming him with their wisdom. In his mind, there's no going back to the norm, so what's the point? He's at pinnacle of human's knowledge.  He's pretty stubborn to the point where he will never ask for help because in his eyes that is a sign of weakness and that's something that doesn't appeal to an old man like himself.

He often loves to see what makes people tick. He will push others to their mental limits just to watch them snap. However most of the time he does it without even trying. From randomly falling asleep and having deep conversations with himself. 

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