Monday, January 7

Chapter Eight

Blazerine couldn't help it. She looked back and forth between Fenix and Leon. There really wasn't any resemble there. Not in their faces nor their personalities. Let's be honest here. It really does seem impossible for these two to be related at all. Just thinking about it made her laugh. Although Leon and Sinner were in the heat of an argument. And Argo, that stupid wolf was circling them while barking wildly.

Lyrist distracted Blazerine by placing Yeldir The Magnificent cloak around her shoulders. "I've got you into quite the predicament, haven't I?" He asked.

"Yeah I guess you could say that." Blazerine shrugged. Then she brought up, "Oh how were you able to communicate with Leon all this time anyway?"

Lyrist pointed up at his earring and smiled, "Yeldir has been quite helpful."

"I bet that was fun." Blazerine said rather sarcastically.

"Are you just going to sit there and say NOTHING!?" Leon voice overshadowed everyone.

Sinner never did move an inch from where he had fallen. The most movement he made was to rub at his right cheek. Surely it left him a bruise, but it didn't actually hurt his pride, not one bit. As matter of fact he was actually laughing. And all that did was make Leon even more mad.

 "You haven't changed one bit." Sinner manages to spewed in-between laughter.

"How would you know? You weren't even around long enough to find out!" Leon cried.

"Why don't you take that tin can off your head and say that to me again, face to face." Sinner arose to the occasion.

Blazerine looked shocked when Leon took off his helmet. The lack of sleep was so apparent in his face. Those blood shot eyes and the heavy dark bags beneath them. Was it from the long trip? Or maybe he couldn't sleep because he was worried sick about us. Whatever the reason may be. It really did make her feel bad to see him this way.

Leon threw his helmet at him and yelled, "When you left Ma and I were okay for awhile. I took care of the house, I took care of her, I TOOK CARE OF EVERYTHING! But I couldn't save her... I couldn't save her from the black mark of death."

After he had said that, Blazerine eyes crosses with Fenix's. He didn't say a word, but he just simply shook his head. What would happen if Leon found out that she's carrying a virus similar to the one that killed his mother? She really didn't want to think about it.

"You're really a spinning image of your mother, you know that?" Sinner smiled.

Leon wanted to knock that smile clear off his face and so he did. It first started off with one punch then another...and another. But Sinner just kept on smiling and all it did was make him punch even harder.

Lyrist suspects Sinner was actually trying to help Leon. Helping him unleashed pinned up anger that has build up over the years.

Blazerine wasn't sure how much longer she could watch this go on. It gave her a flashback of the prisoner she had beaten senseless. Then everything else was soon to follow. At this very moment she stepped back and dropped the blade. Her hands reached for her face to clench it tightly. Before they could, Lyrist placed his hands on top of hers. She had almost forgotten Lyrist ability to hear thoughts. But do they also paint mental images in his mind? For his sake... she hopes not.

"It's alright, I'll endure it with you." He said.

"Leo that's enough, you're going to kill him." Fenix interrupted.

Leon paused to say, "Fenix... you of all people should understand! He sold you off as if you were some sort of an animal. Do you know what he has been doing all of this time? He's been chasing after his own flesh and blood. He has given him-self to his own sister. Such a disgusting act can't be considered love."

"What would you know about love? You're just a templar." Sinner couldn't help but laugh.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Blazerine asked.

"Templars are forbidden to have relations with anyone." Fenix replied.

"In other words... they aren't allowed to love." Lyrist further explained.

"Yeah that's right. One day you'll be just like your old papa. If it hasn't happened already. You will have to make the decision. The choice between your allegiance or being with the one you love." Sinner sneered.

Lyrist left ear twitched with the slightest little movement. There was a particular sound which seemed very awfully familiar to him, but he wasn't quite sure what. And the more he listened, the more it help him to determine what direction it's coming from. He pinpoints the noise a little bit north from where they're standing. The idea of creating an actual mental image had never crossed his mind before.  He was willing to give it a try. Slowly he closes his eyes while draining out everyone and everything nearby him. Through all the darkness he imagines his father blank canvas. The one he used the beautiful swan feather. The ink bottle which is tied around the top with a blue ribbon.

Clank...Clank...clank...What is that? He thought.  Shortly after, he realized it was the sound of armor.  He probably would not have come to this conclusion so quickly, if at all, if it weren't for the fact that Leon was wearing his Templar armor.  The feather fluttered briefly in the air before dropping itself into the ink. Then right before his eyes the feather danced across the canvas, it created long and short strokes. Slowly the image became clearer and clearer until the image of a man appeared, a man in armor.  There was the illusion of motion as the canvas recreated the image repeatedly, making slight changes with each recreation to give the appearance of movement.

He was heavily armored with a sword in his right hand, and a tower shield in the opposite. His brown eyes were scanning the area behind the slits of his oval helmet. Before him was a trail... a trail of blood. Someone or something must of have been injured here recently. He followed it without having no fear of what he might encounter. His pace discontinued when he notices a steel broken arrow in plain sight. It was broken off in the trunk of a tree. With further inspection a symbol is found. There are three claw marks... carved very clean in its steel. Upon further inspection he catches a glimpse of an symbol on the arrow head. This new discovery wasn't enough to hold his attention, at least not very long anyway. His head turned after overhearing a couple of voices arguing not too far from where he was standing.

Lyrist eyes snapped open only to see a concern face lingering up at him. Right there and then he realized his hands were still in the same position as before. The words embarrassment, confusion and worry, were written like broad daylight in Blazerine's mind. He tries to even go further with this new information. He replaces her thoughts onto a blank canvas to recreate how she's picturing him. To him it was fantasizing to see himself in the eyes of a different perspective.  And in her eyes... he was beautiful... truly beautiful.

"Lyrist...? Lyrist are you okay?" Blazerine asked.

Lyrist gradually pulled his ear back while the corners of his lips curved into a smile. Then he leaned close to whisper in her ear,  "Thanks~ to you I have required a new technique."

"Huh?" Blazerine said in a clueless manner.

His hands slips off hers... and he moved on over to the rest of the humans. He stops to announce someone is heading their way, but no one paid any attention to him. Expect the wolf was on the same wave length as him. However when Argo started to bark furiously in one direction. It heightens the others weariness of their surroundings.

Leon turned to him and asked, "Do you have any idea what it might be?"

"It's a man." Lyrist replied.

"Only one?" Leon tried to pry him for further information.

"Correct. " Lyrist answered.

"Is he armed?" Leon wanted to at least know what he would be going up against if needed.

"Correct." Lyrist respond quickly before giving additional details. "He's wielding a broad sword, a shield and he's fully suited in armor."

Sinner made a comment about Lyrist, saying "He couldn't possibly see that far away." The others weren't sure how to react when Leon unsheathed his sword and pointed it to Sinner neck.

Leon threaten him by saying, "I can finish this right now or we can deal with this later. It's your choice."
Sinner was still smiling, but his teeth were now covered in blood. And when he didn't reply. Leon poked the very tip of his sword against his flesh. Even though blood was beginning to drizzle down. It really didn't seem to faze him.

"You think a guy who carries around a bible would be more forgiving." Blazerine shrugged.

Leon lifted his eyes to look directly at her. "You better not be defending him Blazerine." He said rather angrily.

Blazerine tries to explain what she meant by it. "Well I'm just saying it would be more likely for you than Fenix. You know with the whole god thing and all..."

Leon bellowed, "Do you think this is a joke? No let me rephrase that. Do you think I am a JOKE?"

"Leon I never said..." Blazerine began to say.

Lyrist unleashed his nails when the heavily armored man approached. Argo did the exact same thing, but instead with claws.

"Templar you are quite bold, just like what I've been told!" The knight sung beautifully.

Lyrist and Argo tilted their heads at the same time to express their confusion of the situation.

"Talk about a tension breaker." Blazerine laughed and so did Fenix.

Leon couldn't help but look over at her. He wasn't really used to her laughing so openly like that. It actually made him feel suspicious of what might of happened between her and Fenix. Just the mere thought of it made him sick to his stomach. They couldn't have.... could they? Leon redirects his attention back to the stranger. "Who are you exactly" He asked.

Emanuel sang an introduction, "I~ am Sir Emanuel, the Knight from the land of Kenelem Kingdom~" Although his choice of words changed as soon as his eyes settled upon Blazerine. He could of sworn right there in that very moment... his heart had skipped a beat. He gracefully knelt down upon one knee in front of her. He took her hand into his then burst into song, "Oh what fair maiden, so rightful, such a delightful to meet thy rightful one and only true love."

"Leo this guy is a frickin' lunatic." Fenix said bluntly.

"I think he might be high." Blazerine shrugged.

Leon anger has now reached beyond its boiling point. He aimed his sword at Emanuel instead of Sinner and yelled, "Get away from her!"

Emanuel backed off and broke out into song again,

"My~ beloved daughter~ has a bad cough, 
Thus I run off to retrieve a special rare cocoa leaf,"
to mix a brew of an chocolate drink.

But unfortunately the village of Calgeen,

Has put a singing curse on me!"

"A singing curse?" Blazerine repeated. But in that very moment she began to wonder if chocolate had actually even been invented yet. She wouldn't know for sure without examining a piece with the data archive that her sunglasses provides.

"Singing curse or not. It still wouldn't stop him from getting back to his daughter." Fenix comments.

"King Bartholomew has outlawed magic in all of his districts. If Emanuel is caught he surely would be prosecuted. Most likely he would be burn at the stake. Personally I've witnessed several of these trials beforehand. It doesn't matter if you're willing participate in the arts of magic or not. And as for his family..  Well, withholding information or hoarding a magic wielder falls to the same fate as the accuser." Leon explained.

Fenix spat a little blood off to the side before he saying, "It still doesn't explain what he's doing all the way out here."

As soon as Emanuel lips departed to sing, Lyrist quickly made a cat like hiss, "Don't I've already have everything we need. He thought one of these bandits could possibly be behind the curse."

"Good luck with that. They're long gone from here now." Sinner laughed.

Leon immediately edges sword back to sinner neck and said, "Nobody gave you permission to speak. And I wouldn't be laughing if I were you. You're going to be trialed for every single bad deed you've committed."

"You might as well just kill him now." Fenix angrily mutters.

"Why would you even say that?" Blazerine asked him.

"All bandits get hung in the gallows, that's why." Fenix replied.

(Blazerine: All bandits...? So if I did runaway..that's what would of had happen to me.)  What happened next....well...  Leon left Sinner tied up inside of the pit she so desperately escaped from. Leon decision was for Emanuel to stayed behind and ensure nothing would happen to Sinner until they've returned from investigating the curse of Calgeen village. But Fenix and Blazerine had their own reasons of not wanting to go.

"Leo when you hear the word "curse." It usually.. no it most definitely means walk in the opposite direction!" Fenix protested.

" Are we really going to abandon Fauna just like that to help somebody else? Before you even give me the whole templar duty routine speech. Why don't we just split up?" Blazerine suggests.

"Are you so eager to get away from me?" Leon grumbles.

"W-what? What are you talking about?" Blazerine frowns.

"Or are you just wanting to be alone with him...?" Leon mumbles before wandering away to his horse.

"What are you talking about!?" Blazerine called after him.

"Don't worry gal. His bad moods only last an entire month." Fenix chuckled.

Blazerine smacked herself in the forehead and just stood there for awhile, lost in her thoughts. The others were doing whatever preparations that needed to be done before departure. She didn't bother to lend a hand, not even once. She felt too mad to really screw with anything. Then Lyrist came out of the blue. He was smiling of course, always in some weird kind of charming way.

"All your thinking is starting to give me a headache." Lyrist tells her.

"So you already know what I'm going to ask..." Blazerine shrugged.

He scratched his ear a bit and said, "He looks at you the same way you look at me."

"What's that suppose to mean?" She asked.

"It's probably best if you find out on your own." He smiled.


The trip took about half a day. And in the immediate distance there was a sign which read, "BEWARE." Another not too far ahead said, "STAY AWAY!" Under any other circumstances, she probably would of felt worried. But the only thing she felt right now was dirty. Dirty isn't a strong enough word to describe it she thought. Filthy seemed more well suited for her, considering all those people she had killed, no slaughtered in cold blood. Could it be justified that she only did it to save not only herself, but Fenix as well? ( No... it can't be. I actually loved it...  I loved killing every single one of them.)

"You better hold on more properly or you're going to end up falling off." Leon warned her.

It wasn't exactly easiest thing in the world to do. Leon armor was too bulky and the horse... Well he was awfully sweaty. Not that she really blames him anyway. Carrying around Leon is probably exerting him a lot faster. Although it was kind of weird seeing Fenix and Lyrist together on one horse. I think they both wanted to be out of Leon punching range. Hopefully he isn't going to mad as long as Fenix said he was going to be.

Calgeen really wasn't much to look at. It was just a small collection of straw roofed cottages. The children  there were running around playing with farm animals. Chasing after pigs and chickens. Even though it didn't seem like the villagers really had much... They seemed awfully happy. Okay, a little bit too happy.

Then the weirdest thing that could ever happen, happens. Out of nowhere music began to play.  It was an orchestra, but without any key players. Well actually without any musicians altogether.  Although there wasn't any general direction the music seemed to be coming from.  It was just all around, lingering about in the air for all to hear.

Leon recognized the tune right away. It's the type of music played when a grand opening of the king's palace welcomes the arrival of his guests.

A woman in a ragged dressed stepped outside of her home. She cupped her hands together as if she was about to pray, but instead she bursts out into song. "My, oh my, didn't they see the signs?"

Soon to follow behind was her husband; whom chimed in as well. "Perhaps they are blind?"

A neighbor from the opposite side of the dirt road delicately joins in. "No the Templar has traveled from afar... to save us all!"

"Oh man... are you sure this wasn't some sort of horrible rhyming curse?" Blazerine whines quietly.

"Hush." Leon began to say... but then a young man had skipped directly into their path. Luckily he was able to halt the horse just in time. If he hadn't... there would of been quite an accident on his hands.

"What are you doing?" Leon strongly demands. 

"I just love singing!" The young man vocalize. He looked about at least sixteen or seventeen. The appearance of his hair was wild, but yet it looked kind of tamed in a way. And his dreamy blue eyes seemed to pierce right through your soul.

"That has nothing to do with you getting in the way of my horse." Leon angrily said.

"Don't take it away from me.

I plead desperately...

It's the only way that I can feel free.

Free as can be."

A random villager screamed out his window, "Shut the hell up, I can't sleep!" Then slammed the shutters shut.

The young man threw his arms up in the air as if it was some sort of grand finale of a performance. Many villagers gathered around him and started dancing while singing a chorus.

"He wants to be free as can be!

But the rest of us do not agree!

NO, we do not agree!

We just do not agree!"

Somewhere in-between the chorus, they found themselves entering the local pub. It was a small cluttered tavern with only one barrel filled with ale. Most of the tables and chairs appeared to be barely intact. Every step felt disastrous because of the loosen wooden floor boards below. Even as poorly constructed as this place was. Lyrist felt relived to get away from all of that god awful singing. There was a few villagers hanging around at the counter, but most of them looked too drunk beyond comprehension. Fenix thinks he probably would of have done the same thing. If he had to listen to this shit on a daily basics.

"It's going to be hard to get information out of anybody. If all they do is sing." Fenix mentions.

"Yeah no kidding.." Blazerine annoyingly mutters before slumping back against the wall.

Fenix  thought he had brought up a good point. Leon really didn't think this whole thing through. It truly was a mistake to have come here, but now it's already too late. The words slowly began to flow steady from his lips as he reaches for a bottle of alcohol.

"This bottle has never,
push me away.

It wasn't the reason why I've become,

crazily insane.

Even at times when I just sat down,

And began to cry.

It never questioned.

It just stayed for awhile,

and listened.

To all of my sorrows...

"Fenix knocked it off. We don't have time for this nonsense. Put it down!" Leon orders him.

"NO, this bottle has always listened!

This bottle has given me so many wet kisses!

This bottle has washed away all the doubt!

All the pain I've ever felt!

Haven't you ever been so unwell before?

Well this bottle will help!

It's the cure, haven't yah been told?"

The few men at the counter clanked their mugs together and joined in.

"This bottle has given us so many wet kisses!

This bottle has washed away all the doubt!

All the pain we've ever felt!

So how can you tell any one of us to put that bottle down?"

Fenix jumped on top of a table and danced with his bottle still held high in one hand.

"So what,
If we drink till,
we feel no more.

What else would you rather be doing during a war?"

A drunkard man toasted at that very minute and shouted, "Hell its better than feeling a sword!"

The man he toasted chuckled then agreed. "That's for damn sure!"

Fenix crouched down low and quietly whispered, "Gather around all you blokes." And they did...

"Sssh, all 'em other folks pretend that they know,

Saying the bottle will kill us!

Then the drunkards broke in with,

"All this pain inside,
will be how we'll die!"

"Whoa, look at him go!" Blazerine couldn't help but laughed when two drunkards collided into each other while they tried to dance around the tables. Both of them fell to the floor, knocked out cold.

"How did he get infected already?" Leon asked Lyrist.

"Perhaps~ the music we've heard earlier?" Lyrist suggest.

"If that's true, wouldn't we..." Leon voice trailed off after noticing something... it was Blazerine boot. She was beginning to tap it against the floor in a rhythmic beat. "Keep an eye on Fenix for me." Before Lyrist even agreed, he grabbed a hold of Blazerine by the wrist and forcibly pulled her out the pub. He wanted to avoid a possible ballet between her and Fenix at all costs.

"Leon let go of me!" Blazerine complained. Since he kept insisting to pull her along. And quite frankly it hurt. The armored gauntlet made his grip feel like it was crushing her wrist.

 "Let go!" She said once again, but this time louder.

Leon led her into a small little nook in between the sides of two cottages. There was just barely enough space for them to pass on through. When they were about to reach the far end, he had stopped. This causes her to bump straight into him from behind.

"It would be a serious risk..." He begun.

"Oh god not you too." She wearily whines. It was bad enough the guy was already mad at her. What's he going to say or even do after witnessing him do something so out of character. So embarrassing in fact... The only thought that came to her mind was, "RUN!" She turned around to flee to the opposite end. But an arm shot out across to block her path. It took her only a minute to realize Leon had punched the wall. And there it stayed, in place.

He leaned in closer and whispered, "If we were... to kiss." His words were too faint to be heard... and his helmet blocked his lips from reaching hers.


The up roaring of the pub continued until every single thing made out of glass had shattered.  Soon to follow was anything that provided light, such as lanterns or even candles. Lyrist eyes linger around the area to determine what might of have been the cause. Then his ears twitched from the sounds of individual's screams. Some desperately cried,  "She's coming!"

Fenix hopped down off the table and huddled his arms across his chest. The warmth of the pub felt like it had been sucked dried then drastically returned, but cold.

"What's happening elf-boy?" Fenix asked once he cowardly hid behind him.

"I don't have the slightest clue." Lyrist honestly said.

"Look over there!" Fenix pointed out the fog. It was beginning to spew out of a certain area of the floor. He didn't need to go any closer to see where it was coming from. It was none other than the cellar room below. He's gone to that place, time and time after again. But right now, it was the very last thing he would ever want to do.

"We have to..." Lyrist response accordingly to his thoughts.

"No-no-no-no!" Fenix cried.

The corners of Lyrist lips curved when he said, "You give a new meaning to the phrase scaredy cat."

"No-no-no! Fenix does not deal with anything unnatural! Only with boars, rabbits, foxes, wolves..." He kept continuing down the list.

Lyrist put a stop to it by asking, "But you'll stand up to a dragon?"

"Well I am a barbarian after all." Fenix boasted.

Lyrist shook his head and simply said, "You humans..."

Tap....tap...tap... Those were the sounds they heard while making their way down the stairs... and into the cellar. It's mostly just the average things you would see down here, exclaimed Fenix. It's basically where the pub owner stocks all of his merchandise. A couple of bottles of some fine wine on the shelves. Barrels of al, which were unexpectedly empty. Nothing came out of the noose when he tried using the tap. In the farthest corner there was an alluring painting of a young girl holding a lyre. Her pale skin and dark blue eyes stuck out the most. Her long blond locks were neatly tied up in frilly white bows, which was the same color of her dress.

Fenix picked up the painting and whistle. "She's quite the looker, huh?"

Lyrist didn't really say anything nor really got a chance to. The hair on the back of his neck stuck up the instant Fenix startled him by throwing the painting.

"She-she-she-moved!" Fenix stammered.

Lyrist wasn't sure if he believed him or not. However he changed his mind when eerie music being played from a string instrument began playing. And where it was coming from was a shocker. The actual source was the painting itself. Slowly he flips it right side up again. Fenix was right... the girl in the painting was actually moving. Her fingers trailed along the cords of her lyre to create a soft flowing melody. It sounded distant, like wind whispering from across the ocean, pulled in by breezes from other worlds. Then her fingers slowly reached up, grazing her chin to wipe the couple dribbles of blood that managed to escape from her lips. But then more and more started to fall. She's not quick enough to wipe every single one away. It surprises them when the blood droplets fell out of the painting. When she smiled, the blood spew heavily, creating a bloody messy river across the floor.

Lyrist nearly jumped out of his skin when Fenix placed his hands onto his shoulders. He was terrifyingly holding on for dear life. He whimpers while saying, "Elf boy let's get the hell outta here!" As soon as his statement was finished. A distinctive scratching was heard. The type one would hear from running a sharp object down a blackboard. The word coward was being nonce in all over the walls.

Lyrist awkwardly said, "That might not be such a bad suggestion..." When the woman slowly start to peel from the frame, her detailed skin becoming realistic soft flesh.  Her hand extending towards the small distance between the real world and her fabricated world of color. No longer that of an ink based liquid long dried. Her tresses flowing behind her as if coming to life. Her body moved in slow jerking motions as if the frame tried to hold her back. As her torso reached out, her hips would follow. Slowly, she became three dimensional, no longer confine by oil and canvas. Half way out, one leg, would peel free and stepped out onto the solid ground. Then the other did, allowing her to stand, frame full, ample and very much so real. She was no longer a dimensional painting but a living breathing being of sentient uses. What she was saying, couldn't even be repeated back. For no words could be heard, only the sound of gargling.

"Why did you curse this village to sing if you, yourself cannot even speak?" Lyrist asked.

The woman jerked her head directly to look at him, but then her eyes began to flash red throughout the darkness. The words which spelt coward began to also bleed blood.

"I'm not afraid. We have you out numbered." Lyrist announces.

"Speak for yourself!" Fenix cried as soon as she step forth. He ran clear up the stairs and didn't even stop there. He actually ran straight out of the pub. He stopped once he reach the opposite side of the road.

Lyrist shortly meets up with him....

"What the hell was that!?" Fenix panted heavily as he leaned back against the outer wall of a cottage.

"How could you just leave me like that!?" Lyrist couldn't contain his composer any longer.

"Well no one told you to go piss it off!" Fenix protest.

"Fair enough." Lyrist said.

The two of them watched as the boundaries between fantasy and reality have been broken. The pub and its surroundings took on a life of its own. An innocent bystander got herself tangled into the mix from just walking by. Tree branches morphed into jagged claws which eagerly scratched her face. And when she tried to run away. She was tugged back by the strands of her red hair, then lifted. High...higher and higher into the air. Her body spun around helplessly like a wind mill. Twisting and turning...until all her hair completely rips off. The woman unleashes a deathifying scream right before she's flung off into a cottage and splatters into millions of tiny bloody pieces.

Leon and Blazerine came running as soon as they overheard the commotion.

"What the hell is going on?" Blazerine asked.

"I think we've discover what's behind the curse." Lyrist simply put.

"Blazerine and I dug up some information. The story goes, is that a witch named Belinda Willow sang to the children of the village when they were sick and then they'd get better. But when the children started dying, they thought she was putting a curse on them. At first they cut out her tongue, but to some that wasn't enough. When we retrieved her body -" Leon got cut off by Fenix.

"You dug up her body? I knew you were into that sort of thing! But hey wait... wouldn't her body be beyond decay by now?" Fenix questions him.

"Witches bodies do not decay... why they must be burned." Leon explained.

"What did you find?" Lyrist asked.

"There was so much soil shoved down her throat and esophagus, it can only be assumed that she was buried alive." Blazerine replied.

"Not only that... but she was innocent. They found out after it was too late.Others began to get sick, such as older people. It turns out rats had infested their grain. They must of have been carrying around some kind of disease." Leon explains further.

"If that happened to me I would be piss off too." Fenix comments.

"Through death she must of possessed that painting of hers to seek out revenge." Lyrist  tries to calculate all the pieces together.

"Painting...?" Blazerine raises an eyebrow.

Lyrist insists the only way to stop her is by burning the painting. Blazerine thinks while they're at it, they should just burn down the whole damn building. But Lyrist says it's not going to be easy as they think. This is one of the times that everybody wishes Fauna was here... cause they sure could use her help.


Days turn into night and nights turn into days. Everything kept rolling all into one. Almost as if time hasn't passed at all. And it was just frozen.... Frozen in place just like her heart. Fauna was still grieving over her husband betrayal.  And the memories of the past were beginning to become frightfully clearer. She was filled with emotional rage and didn't want to turn towards the flames again. She was getting close, right on the verge of igniting. The anger was almost too strong for her to control any longer. She was on a path of destruction, the destruction of her own self being.

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