Thursday, July 4

Completely Lost My Mind

(Wrote back in 2006) 

Hey why would I even lie
I tried my best to keep myself occupied
Who the hell needs a real life
Chatting away on the internet past midnight
A click here and there for social interaction in my own time
I swear sometimes I think I've completely lost my mind

I don't know why I have become a loner of my real world
Trying to escape the grasp of its tormented hold
Agitated to fill up this void
But still fearing those outsiders would only give rejection
Maybe its simply my only way to shield myself for some protection

I’m unsure of the content I even write
Who knows if its wrong or right
Yes I know I'm not quite bright
All I know that it is all mine
Yeah maybe I've completely lost my mind
© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019