Sunday, August 4

The Journal

Ever wonder what’s it like, to stare at yourself from the other side? 
Fearfully walking the torment of the unknown, while being followed by a shadow that has a mind of its own. Knowing you may one day soon be replaced, only to be remembered on your expiration date or birthday.

 It all started when I received the call from my boss, Griffith Anders, but most people call him Grip due to the fact he always seemed to have a grip on everybody's sacks.  Anyway.... His voice echoed through my ear and simply came out the other. He didn't sound exactly thrilled, nor was I. For gods sakes it's five o'clock in the morning! Usually I enjoyed sleeping in on my off days. Of all days, my wife, Mary-Lou was throwing her routine, hissy fits. 

With the whole, "You work too much.", She would say,  "You can't handle a woman talking back!", Oh and her favorite, "You behave like a thirteen year old with hormonal issues." 

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