Tuesday, December 30


(Wrote back in 2006.)

I won't cry or whine
If only you won’t leave me behind 
Hopefully you won’t seem to mind 
Our divine love still needs to take time 
I got scars from the past that still needs to be unwind 

I have gotten hurt
I’ve been kicked down into the dirt
I’ve been made fun of by the meanest jerks
I’ve been grabbed by the grossest perverts 
Won’t you please help me revert 

All I’ve ever known was the ways 
Of being defeated 
Being mistreated 
Being cheated 
Feeling uncompleted 

I was always tired of wandering around on these achy feet
Wishing there was someone else who can stand by me 
Stand by me when the earth feels like its loosen underneath
Someone who would clench their teeth and remove the sword out of its sheath 

I’m the kind that doesn’t want to stay all solo 
All your strength I wished I could have borrow 
But it seems I would rather chase after the ends of cupid love arrow
So, please let me follow
I don’t care where I’ll end up tomorrow 

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019