Tuesday, December 30


This was written back in 2006.)

I'm still waiting for you.
Waiting for the day you'll finally come through.
Through my walls and breach my heart,
Bring me home, finish what you start.
Hold the hand that shies away.
And on tight, lingering warmth and ice to stay.

I'm still waiting for home.
The place where my heart still beats alone.
But loneliness won't have to last,
So long as you come and erase the past.
A past of hurt and broken wings.
My heart's still holding on to those little things.
The things you said once upon a time.
Back when things didn't have reason or rhyme.
When they had meaning and love
Even if it was gripped between a silken glove.

I'm still waiting for the man.
To be the man I know you can.
He's right around the corner, if only you'd see
See what's hiding right beside me.

I'm still waiting for you.
And I can wait a little longer, too.
I can wait one more day or one more year
I'll hold back my pain, I'll hold back that tear.
Because you're worth the wait, I know.
And one day my broken heart you'll re-grow.

So, I'll still wait for you.
Wait for the day you'll finally come through.
© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2021