Wednesday, January 7

Adam Charlet

Name: Adam Charlet
Nickname: Kid
Age: 13
Birth-date: ???
Eyes: Hazel
Hair:  Short auburn hair
Height: 5'5
Expertise; ???
Personality: Adam is a very shy observant young man who tends to be more of the silent type. He might be distant, but he's polite to all he meets. Most of the time he tries to avoid conflicts and interaction with people as much as possible. It's not because he doesn't like people; he simply is too gullible for his own good.

He also has a tendency to bottle his problems up inside of himself, and he often struggles with expressing himself. He can be slow to anger, as he has a great amount of patience, but when he does get angry, it's explosive, and usually ends up with him feeling terribly guilty afterwards.

Graced with his mother's beautiful facial features, one could say if his nose hadn't been broken one time too many, he could have been considered a pretty boy.

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