Saturday, January 3

Love Myself

One of the most misused words in the whole dictionary.
Forget about waiting for another hero to come along,
I've been doing all of this wrong,
I gotta start lovin' the one who matters the most.

Leap high into the sky,
Like a dandelion,
Floating aimlessly from cloud to cloud,
Become the wind,
Don't ever be scared of falling,
Because there's a brand new life waiting for you.
Every life is worth living, big or small,
What matters in life is if you're standing tall,
Be proud of your flaws,
However few they may be.

Embrace your fears, 

Just breathe in slowly and count to three.
And you'll see,
It's now pouring in,
From every direction,
Surrounding you,
In a never-ending dance,
Of tranquility. 

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019