Friday, November 13

Crimson Rain

They say she was painted from the sea.

A lighthouse standing through the storm~

With all her feelings,

Smashing against the shore.~

And the crimson rain,


It keeps pouring,

Over a gray canvas.

The palette holds~,

Bright and cheerful tones~.

Yet there’s no paintbrush.

The easel holds~

All your hopes and dreams,

But the colors have faded,

Over time~

A shade of doubt upon the night’s~ sky.

There are~ many shades~

I do not know~,

But I can give~ each of them names~.

They’re all my feelings.

I want to leave~

And the crimson rain.


It keeps pouring,~

Soaking up,

 All the notes,

In this song,

In this song~,

Oh, wait.

Those have been my tears all along.~

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019