Monday, February 22

His Plan

The shape of someone’s eyes

Describes life,

Or their greatest demise.

The color of an iris,


How many times they’ve cried. 

Behind the smile,

Their lips continue to deny. 



For all the years lived in vain~

Take a drink.

Before agony can devourer thee~ 

Clench your teeth.

And swallow the pain.

Swallow it all away~

Don’t try to explain,

How this is all~

 In his plan.

You’ll end up insane.


Have a seat.

Agree to disagree~

Here’s another drink on me. 

Tip your glass,

With your new friend misery. 

No longer can anybody tell, 

The difference between,

Self-pity and laments. 

Is it just another victimize segment!? 

Heaven must have gotten the last laugh. 

Watch as they scramble to reach salvation's rope. 

Climbing until their bodies turn old and gray. 

Don't you wish you could have written this screenplay!?

It's all~ in his plan~

It's all~ in his plan~

It's all in his plan~

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019