Saturday, February 20


Out there in the rain,

I screamed the words you were too ashamed to say.

‘Hurry and forgive me,

I can always change.’

You owe me much more than one apology. 

You owe an entire lifetime, and even then that still won’t do. 

Take all your deceitful lies and toss them into the wind. 

There's a storm to be reckoned with.

The water in the kettle has finally turned black.

Go ahead and replace me with somebody else. 

You’re just another obstacle under the belt.

Same old story, same old chain.

The more you pull, the more it aches.

Have you no shame?

Smile till I believe. 

Cut me till I can’t bleed.

Drown me till I can’t breathe.

They’ll never hear it coming. 


© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019