Friday, March 4

The Disappearance: Introduction

‘FLASH FLOOD WARNING FOR... MONTGOMERY: OH UNTIL FIVE THIRTY AM.’ The warning siren synth blazed from the television.

Ryder immediately chucked one of her pillows at the screen to shut it up but to no prevail the message repeated. Lazily she rolled over to look out the window across her room. The sky was a tinged pink with orange hues and the sun began to set.

“Weird... the weather doesn’t look bad.”

Wearily she reached over to the nightstand to grab her cell phone. The time read seven am.

“Seriously? What the hell is wrong with the news today?”

Mornings were never too kind for Ryder anyway. She spends the majority of her time playing video games or writing whatever comes to her brain late at night. At least the shower always awaits. The only place she ever felt peace.

‘Hot water and silence, it’s all that I ever wanted.’

Her mind begins to fade while the water caressing her neck with kisses. Everything quickly dissolves into a foggy illusion of relaxation. Although if she stays too long her mind will start to wonder about the upcoming hardships that await today.

‘I’m already late so who cares when I show up, right?’

Who was she kidding? She was only trying to delay the unpleasant encounters of interacting with other people.

Once dressed she wandered downstairs to see if her mother was awake. Oddly no one was home. 

"They could have at least woke me up. Not like I could go anywhere."

Ryder never got a driver licence. The most she has is a state ID. A lot of people her age find it bizarre, but the idea of letting anxiety take the wheel isn't something she wants to consider anytime soon.

The click of the door is heard when Ryder steps outside to check the driveway. Surprisingly she discovers their car. Yet there was something she noticed most above everything else. The sounds of cars rushing by are completely nonexisting. No scuffling of shoes on the pavement. 

“Today is the day everyone disappeared.” 
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