Monday, March 28


Love or hate?


Who’s to say?

The hardship is drawn in paint.


The question still remains the same.

Mirror on the wall. 

Am I really worth anything at all?

Dress me up, 

I’m your little doll. 

But who will catch me if I fall? 

It’s okay, 

I think,

 I’ll just lie here in the asphalt. 

I hope you’ll come back one day to play. 

Because I know there’s nothing else to gain. 

Mirror, mirror, mirror. 

Everything’s starting to look clearer. 

Take a peek.

Freak, freak, freak. 

She keeps staring back at me. 

A toy with no expiration date.

Yet, I've been thrown away. 

It’s okay, 

I think,

 I’ll close my eyes.

Just for awhile.

Seasons change. 

The porcelain is looking a bit stained. 

Should I go or should I stay? 

The choice wasn’t ever mine.

Please wind me up. 

Don’t worry, 

I can no longer feel.

I am only a replica of what is real. 

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019