Tuesday, March 15


Note: Inspired.. by Stardew Valley. I might add more. I'm not sure, lol.

I’m getting lost in a virtual world. 

There’s so much to do.



All your love will soon be shown~ 

Every day~

 I wake up,

Kissing the blue sky. 

So beautiful~

And the festival is tonight.

I can’t believe~ 

This whole world~

 Is mine~

Words can’t even begin.

To describe what you’re feeling.

All you can do is smile.

How many more hearts can be fulfilled? 

What awaits beyond the green hills?


Secrets carved in stone. 

Elliot always writing by the shore. 
A wizard’s tower in the forest. 

Oh no~

Back to Pierre’s store. 

Oh no~ 


The clock is too cruel.

It only keeps moving forward.

Oh, how I wish~

 I could go back. 

Before it all fades into black.

Every day~

 I wake up,

Tasting the sun rays.

So sweet and warm. 




Until the new stars~



The sky~

And the light pours,

 The wonders~

 Of twilight~

I can’t believe,

This whole world,

 Is mine~ 

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019