Wednesday, April 6


I miss the days when we would be sitting in class.

And I’d think of something funny and burst out laughing. 

I’d get a weird look from everyone else but you.

You’d laugh with me, even in my darkest hours. 

I see you give a smile.

~So bright, bright, bright.~

The blinding light pierces my eyes. 

What a sight, my little butterfly 


I will gladly follow behind.

Please lead me to your paradise.

Friendship built off pizza crust. 

You’ll always sit by me at lunch.

I could never say a word. 

~For so long~, 

You would tear some off. 

Without choice, you gave me a voice.

~You said the light will never fade.~

~Keep walking in the light, and even in dismay.~

~I will never grow weary so never stay away.~

I started to smile.

~So bright, bright, bright.~

~Is this what paradise tastes like?~ 


When I thought my hair was a disaster.

The first thing you asked me, “Why are you so beautiful?” 

When I tried to hide everything I write.

~You said no more, sad, sad, sad songs.~

~Try reliving all the good instead of the bad.~

You took my hand and we both started to smile,

~So bright, bright, bright.~

What a sight. 


~I've become a butterfly.~

~Fly, fly, fly.~

~Thank you for sharing paradise.~ 

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019