Saturday, April 30

Unnecessary Commentary #1

Blazerine: Seriously what the hell is this suppose to be? It’s like the longest flashback I have ever seen. 

Fenix: You’re just mad cause your name isn’t in the title anymore.

Blazerine: Spencer.... don’t even start. 

Lyrist: A mere flashback? I think not. It must be the backstory of how Damus became who he is~ today. 

Blazerine: You just read the author thoughts didn’t you? 

Fenix: Damnit long ear isn’t that considered cheating!? 

Blazerine: More like breaking the fourth wall. 

Fenix: But that's my specialty. ;-;  

Fauna: You have no room to complain! WHEN I HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN SEEN SINCE CHAPTER EIGHT! 

Blazerine: Fredrick control your wife.

Fenix: Oh shhhiteee I’m out! 

Lyrist: What’s that smell - oh my!

Blazerine: I’m not sure which is better...  Fenix with or without the fire? 

Elizabeth: Phoenixy! Phoenixy! 

Leon: Honestly guys what does this have anything to do with chapter three? 

Blazerine: Hey aren’t you -

Yeldir: SPOILERS! I heed warning you do not know what you speak of. 

Leon: Neither does he. 

Yeldir: I shall ask for assistance from all you viewers. To sit tight for the unforeseen road ahead will have chickens. As we all know happy chickens produce happy eggs. 

Leon: ....

Blazerine: .... 

Lyrist: ....

Yeldir: I hatched a chicken once. She was always hanging off the ceiling.

Blazerine: He's officially more insane than Fauna. 

Leon: Ahem. Anyway back to the commentary. You know it is odd seeing how the world once was - when magic could roam free. Although I wonder if some of these mystical creatures are still alive till this day. 

Lyrist: Maybe they’ve have found a way to co-exist with humans outside of detection. 

Blazerine: Maybe we’ll find out if the author doesn't keep getting stuck every couple paragraphs. 

Leon: And people think I’m the mean one? You've been moody this entire time. 

Lyrist: She doesn’t like Damus very much.

Blazerine: Shut up! 

Leon: Well that concludes our commentary. It’s been fun. I hope you enjoyed our thoughts. How little they seem to be... 

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