Wednesday, May 11

Adelaide Haven

Name: Adelaide Haven 

Nickname: Addie

Age: 16

Birth-date: ???

Eyes: Brown

Hair:  Short curly black hair. 

Height: 5'0

Race: Black/White

Expertise: ???

Personality: In nature she is sarcastic and sassy. Those who attempt to develop a relationship with her are people she cares about truly. Although she doesn't exactly always say it out loud. She's the kind of person everyone trusts with their problems and deepest secrets because she knows how to guard them and won't judge whatever they're hiding. She's committed a fair amount of stupid mistakes throughout her life, so why judge others when she's prone to being just as idiotic? She's not fond of embarrassing or awkward situations because she either freezes up and becomes a bit of a klutz who overcompensates for her small stature with big talk when she feels she's been put on the spot.

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