Wednesday, May 11


Name: Seth Haven 

Nickname: Boss

Age: 45

Birth-date: ???

Eyes: Brown

Hair:  Short black hair with a tint of white. 

Facial hair: Stubble/un-clean shaven.

Height: 5'6

Race: Black

Expertise: Politics/Negotiation

Personality: Irritable and brave, Haven was the type of cop who always played it by the books. Whether or not he has something against the suspect - The law is the law after all. Although remorse became a big factor in his life when his daughter Adelaide was brutally killed by a culprit in the case "LB" There wasn't any solid evidence to convict the offender so he became obsessed with revenge. Eventually, he was forced to retire from his position: Police Chief. Due to absence rumors speculating around his daughter's death. 

Quote: You may not remember who you are or your past, but those who know your name will never forget.

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