Wednesday, March 15

The LettEr

Tell me why I'll never understand.

Tell me why its so hard to forget the world full of ‘you.’

While every~ last piece of my heart still denies~ that life is more 

than all the love and lies. 

Are you able to smile because it’s not me?

Does that mean I no longer exist in your dreams?

Only for today, I won’t cry~ although my eyes are beginning to fill 

with tears.

As long as you're happy is that all that really matters?

You never choose commitment, yet commitment chose you. 

Expecting everything from nothing, while I'm~ grasping nothing 

from everything. 

We may not have our footprints embedded in the sand, 

But the grains will always remember our paths. 

The path we once walked hand in hand. 

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2019