Tuesday, May 2


I don't want to say I need you. 

I stop before it starts. 

Because I know you're in love with somebody else. 

Even though it's not me by your side. 

"If only" scenarios begin to pile up inside my head.

I can only smile and pretend. 

You're just a waste of space,

Another forgettable face.

So I left without shedding any tears. 

The truth really is,

I need you, I just can't say it but I do. 

Even though your heart will never belong to me.

It's enough seeing you smile. 

Sometimes, I wonder if you can see the pain behind mine. 

I have to stop before it starts again. 

But the past is worse than the future because my future has become the past. 

© Tiffany Ann Adkins 2015 - 2021